Human Resource Key Performance Indicators Examples

HR Key Performance Indicators Examples


Human Resource Key Performance Indicators Examples


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Setting up key performance indicators for your human resource department will help you to track the performance of your human resource goals and operations. It’s a necessity for human resource managers to use key performance indicators. It can help them to put metrics in place that will give them an overview of the different processes.

They can then analyze the collected data to improve inefficient areas within human resource. In the human resource department you have a lot of key performance indicators.

You can set up in place to measure your different performances. Areas where you are going to most likely to set up key performance indicators are in hiring and recruiting, employee performance, training etc.

Below you can see Human Resource Key Performance Indicators Examples you can measure for in your organization’s human resource.


  • Decrease the resignation rate of top performers by 5% in 7 months
  • Increase the training hours for full time employees by an additional 5 hours in 6 months
  • Increase the rate of revenue per employee by 5% in 12 months
  • Reduce the human resource cost per full time employee by 2% in 12 months
  • Decrease our acceptance by 10% in 6 months due to organization restructure
  • Reduce the percentage of our turnover rate by 4% in 12 months
  • Reduce the time taken per recruitment by at least 10% in 18 months
  • Reduce the cost per recruitment by 5% in 8 months
  • Lower our cost per accident rate by 12% in 10 months
  • Increase the training cost per full time employee by 7% in 6 months
  • Use 1.25% of our annual budget on recruitment advertising programs in 12 months
  • Raise our compensation and benefits for our employees by 5% in 9 months
  • Reduce the cost of injury performance per employee by 19% in 18 months
  • Install 5 more training programs in our company in 7 months
  • Reduce the lost time due to injuries by 7% in 10 months


These are just some of the many key performance indicators you can set up in your human resource department to assist you in making your organization better.

When choosing key performance indicators to use in your organization. It kind of varies from monthly, quarterly and yearly.  You have to take a companywide outlook when you are setting up your indicators. Think about how those key performance indicators are aligned with your organization’s strategy and goals. You then have to take a more focus outlook and look at how they are going to affect your human resource’s department.

Are those metrics that you are going to measure, will help to make your organization or your department performs more efficiently?

Furthermore you need to look at how measurable are those indicators. Make certain that you can continuously track the progress of your key performance indicators and measure the progress as you go along.

In summary setting up key performance indicators in your human resource department will help your overall business operate more efficiently. When the improvements are made on the inefficient areas in your company. It will help you to create a better environment for workers and this is great for employee morale.

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