Track your HR Survey Data and Reports in Excel

Typically an integral part of organizational development, training, education and coaching, Employee Opinion surveys of HR surveys offer a snapshot to your organization’s requirements.

These types of surveys enables you to obtain employee opinions over a number of issues for example the organization’s accomplishment in conveying the objectives to employees, employee satisfaction with certain initiatives, gathering valuable feedback and recommendations, evaluating challenges like workplace quality, etc.

This kind of employee feedback is crucial for facilitating organizational change and development. It enables the company to target the actual needs and make use of the strengths and talents. In addition, it
updates the business on what measures can create difficulties for the workforce and what will engage and motivate the employees.

HR surveys provide management with employee opinions (equally negative and positive) around the condition of your organization. It evaluates the outcome of existing plans, procedures and policies. It also enables you to inspire employees and boost job satisfaction and employee performance.

Employee Survey Dashboard Tool for Microsoft Excel designed for developing survey questions, printing your surveys, entering survey responses, and analyzing and printing your survey report automatically.

This excel tool has been used by hundreds of companies for conducting HR Surveys, Employee Opinion Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, etc.

Everything you need is automated and organized so you just need to type your questions and your survey is ready for print.

As you receive your survey responses you just need to enter your data and your analysis and report will be created automatically. Both your survey and report are set for high quality printing. At the same time you can easily change colors and design of your reports to fit your needs and audience.

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