HR Plan For An Organization

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Human Resources Plan for Business Organizations

The human resource department is one of the most important parts of an organization. Every year companies worldwide have invested heavily in human resource because they know how important it is for an organization. Creating a proper human resource plan for an organization can be a bit time consuming.

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The reason being is because as a human resource manager you have to overlook hiring/firing, maintaining employee satisfaction, and employee rewards etc. To develop a plan that will not just impact your department but the entire organization is going to take you some work.


HR Plan for an Organization
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The good thing is that it’s doable and if you are having problems creating one for your organization. Below you can see a framework you can follow to create a human resource plan for your organization.


Analyze your organization

Firstly you are going to organize your organization. Look at the different types of human resource challenges your organization is facing.

These can range from shortage in work force, hiring process is too expensive and it’s eating into your overall budget, poor training program etc.


Create goals

After analyzing your organization you are now going to create goals to set a certain tone for your team. These goals are going to be based around the problems you have found in your company. So if you are facing a shortage in workforce and you are going to need at least 200 new workers in the next 6 months. You can definitely set a goal for that problem.

Performing a gap analysis can help you as well to create better goals. When you use a gap analysis it will help you to look at where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

The gap analysis will help you to ask questions like are we training enough employee? What set of skills are we currently looking for in future employees? Can our human resource management processes get any better?


Develop and execute strategies

You now are going to develop strategies to try and meet those goals set by you and your team. When those strategic plans are in place you are going to execute those strategies. It’s necessary to take advantage of key performance indicators.

You can use these to help install metrics to track your different processes. This will help you to see how well your strategies are performing over a set period of time.

An example of an indicator would be to bring down your hiring cost by 10% in 4 months. You are then going to use that as a mini goal to measure the performance of your larger goal when that milestone is achieved.


Review and update

After your strategies have been implemented, you must review and update your overall plan. More often you are not going to get everything right on your plan the first time. So a process like this is quite necessary.

In summary following the steps above will make the process of creating a human resource plan for your organization easier.

While the plan is being executed, see to it that you create reports to communicate the progress of your plan within your organization. This will help everyone to know what’s taking place in the organization.

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