HR Monthly Report Template Excel

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Human Resource Monthly Report Excel Templates

In human resource management we all know how important reports can be. Especially when we take into consideration the different processes a human resource manager got to overview on a daily basis. Using reports can help to restore some order both for you and your stakeholders.

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A huge benefit of why reports are necessary is that it helps you to think critically about your different processes and while analyzing them. It will enable you to spot operations that could’ve run way better.


HR Monthly Report Template Excel
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And when fixed will make your organization perform more efficiently.  You have a lot of reports that you can create, these include reports on recruitment, employee complaints, hiring etc.

A popular tool that a lot of persons have used to create reports is Microsoft Excel. You probably would have seen this software already being used by a lot of persons in the business environment. If you don’t know what is but have seen it, it’s basically a spreadsheet based tool.

But what makes it so powerful and reliable is that you can crunch large amounts of data and turn them into interesting graphical models such as pie charts, graphs and other diagrams. You could even create your own formulas which will help you to make complex calculations.

To create certain kinds of reports in Excel is pretty easy if you are beginner. Although some persons might think that Excel is a complicated software, which at times it is. But if you know the basic functionalities of the software, you can get a proper hang of it over a period time due continuous practicing and patience. Below you can see a short guide on how to create a monthly human resource report template.


Human resource monthly report template step by step guide

This is going to be a template on absenteeism. This will show how many times an employee are absent in a given month and what is the cause of that. As stated earlier this is a very simple tutorial.

But you can make changes this template if you want to, so it can be adjusted to your particular report.


Step 1

Firstly create 6 columns these are going to be employee name, month, personal, sick, vacation and work shift. By looking at the name of the columns you can see that they are pretty self-explanatory.

You are going to insert the amount of times a particular employee is absent for and under what condition.


Step 2

Most of the work is now done. To add color to the column titles you can do this by selecting all the columns you want to see a specific color on.

You are going then go on home, click on the fill color option, choose the color you want and you’re done. You can see an example of everything below.

In summary by looking at the short tutorial shown above you can see that creating a report can be very simple. By doing a simple search on the internet you will find readymade templates which you can just download. Load it up and begin to use it in Excel.

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