HR KPIs Scorecards In Excel

Excel Scorecards for Tracking Human Resources KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

HR KPIs Scorecards in Excel: It is always valuable to have high performing individuals at your organization. It is also great to keep them for as long as possible in your organization; they bring a lot of value.

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The human resource department’s roles and processes have evolved over the years. Managers have finally come to a realization of how important employees are to a business and not machines.


HR KPIs Scorecards in Excel
Create HR KPIs Scorecards in Excel


Their hiring process has changed radically over the years. As a result of that they are beginning to get employees that fit in well with their company’s culture. They are now putting systems in place to train employees. So that they can help them grow at that organization and learn new skills.

Another tool managers have started to embrace within their human resource’s department is the human resource key performance indicator scorecard. 

The HR KPI scorecard is a set of metrics you use to measure the different aspects of your HR processes. It can also use to track the progress of the different impacts that your HR department have on your company.

The HR KPI scorecard mainly focuses on measuring results and impacts from stakeholders, employees, customers and your overall organization. When you look at this data, it will help you see which areas aren’t performing well and how to change it.

Every organization’s or even most human resource KPI scorecard tends to be different. The reason for this is because the metrics you measure for must be aligned with your organization’s goal.  Below is an example of a HR KPI scorecard.

If you should analyze that diagram shown above you can see that it’s a 4×4 matrix. In the top row is topic for the different areas of the organization you are going to measure for whether customer, workforce etc.

The second row consists of the objectives you are going to set for each topic. This will be the main goals you and your team are to focus relentlessly on to achieve.

For the third row you are going to list the different key performance indicators that are related to each column.

For the fourth row you are now going to list the different targets you want to meet for each key performance indicator. These goals will give each performance indicator a set objective that you and your team must meet.

If you should take advantage of this tool shown above and you implement it properly. You will soon appreciate how useful it can be for your organization. In summary the HR KPI scorecard can help you track all the key performance indicators that matters to your organization.

The information will be shown in a matrix. This will make it easy to be communicated to your team and different managers within your organization. It will help your employees understand how their work is being connected to the strategy and mission of the organization.

If the results of some of the metrics are poor, you can then develop strategies to tackle those issues. This information will help you to keep track of all the different key performance indicators that will impact your business. This will ensure that your organization runs smoothly and stay competitive in your industry.


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