HR Goals And Objectives Examples

Typical HR Goals and Objectives Examples

The human resource department is arguably one of the most important areas of an organization. The reason for this is because you get to work closely with employees. Some of these roles would include hiring, training, tracking performance, distributing employee benefits etc. Employees are one of the most valuable assets an organization can have. The human resources department will make certain that you create an environment where employees can thrive and be motivated to work hard to ensure your company succeeds.

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As a Human resource manager setting goals and objectives for your team will help you develop strategies. That will have an impact your human resources daily activities. As a result of that, those daily activities will then have a greater effect on the other parts of your company.


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When thinking about your different goals and objectives. You should look at all the different areas of your human resource operations and see where needs changes. Below you can see a list of useful human resource goals and objectives. You can either use these in your company or use them as inspiration to help trigger your creative thoughts. This will help you to create ideas for your specific organization’s goals and objectives.

HR Goals and Objectives Examples:

•    Update the recruitment strategy in 8 months
•    Strengthen the internal recruitment process in 10 months
•    Introduce internship programs in certain colleges and universities to help us train future employees in 2 years
•     In 6 months introduce processes to help employees become more innovative
•    In 12 months review and update all incentive schemes
•    Update all the sales skill training programs in 7 months
•    Create internal talent development programs in 18 months
•    In 10 months try and implement the new lean HR processes
•    Set new key performance indicators to measure our different HR processes in 6 months
•    Slowly reinvent our culture to adapt to the now changing business environment in 18 months
•    Create programs to bring in  a new stream of communication within the company in 7 months
•    Hire 500 new employees for our new division over the course of the next 3 years
•    Reduce workplace injuries on our production line by 20% in the next 12 months
•    Change our talent acquisition strategy in 9 months
•    Help to retain at least 95% of our top performing employees over the next 5 years
•    Improve our annual employee survey results in 12 months
•    Change our company’s culture to help it attract top talent

These are just a scoop of some of the HR goals and objectives you can set for your company. These goals are just to give you a perspective of what you can set for your organization. Make certain that your goals are aligned with your company’s vision and they will have the biggest impact on your company if they’re achieved. Sometimes not every goal you set will have an impact on your company.

As a human resource manager you should spot these goals and objectives from early on.  It will prevent you from wasting an insurmountable amount of time on unnecessary goals.

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