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Are you able to see your KPIs and HR Metrics at a glance? How much time do you spend every month to prepare reports, presentations, analysis…
  • Productivity
  • Commissions
  • Benefits
  • Full-time employees
  • Contractors
  • Recruiting cost
  • Retention rate
  • Number of new employees
  • Average employee lifetime
  • Training effectiveness
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Motivation
  • Empowerment
  • Communication
  • Information sharing
  • Delegation
  • Employee relations
  • …plus customized metrics for your business
HR dashboards and scorecards
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We can help you develop customized HR metrics scorecard, reports and tools to analyze and manage your HR better. You will always be one step ahead and focused on all human resources related issues, problems, and opportunities.

Our reporting tools allow you to have effective HR dashboard report on one page where you can see everything you need at a glance. You will get better understanding and save time so you will focus on making results.

Having effective HR dashboard report will help you communicate better and share information with everyone in your organization. You will be able to get on time feedback from employees and track individual and team performances and your professional reports are always one-click or a print away.

Every HR manager should have well defined performance management system that will drive everyone towards the common organizational goals. Having the right HR metrics, scorecards, dashboards… always available is essential for successful human resources management and effective organizational development.

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In any organization, HR performance management is a critical as well as an essential function which when done properly should be able to deliver successful results for the organization. All of these improvements and changes can be easily done by improving the existing way of working and by developing the organizational capabilities of the various departments, teams and individuals.

Creating HR dashboard is an important initiative and the development process has to be handled with significance as the overall success of an organization relies on it. The human resource team has a responsibility to take part in all aspects related to performance and management.

Now the dashboard for your HR metrics and KPIs can take various forms, designs and applications – it can be desktop based, online based (application or browser-based interface), however the medium used for your HR dashboard should not be the primary focus. The key focus should be to find a way to identify the most relevant key performance indicators for human resources management and the supporting HR metrics and simplify the way you present all those HR KPIs.

Your portfolio of metrics should be diversified and cover various aspects of your overall performances such as organizational performance in terms of organizational units, business processes, departments, teams and individuals.

One of the benefits of using dashboard reporting is the fact that dashboard offer simple and yet effective way to present your HR measures. By using charts and indicators dashboard reports will assist the users in their decision making and even performance related tasks.

The dashboard can be customized to display only what needs to be displayed as selected from a whole host of other metrics. The HR dashboards are used by the managers to monitor many of the employee-related metrics in a relatively quick way and also at a reasonably high level of success.

All of these metrics are classified into many groups so as to make HR dashboard data useful as well as readable for a quick analysis and decision making.

The groups of your measures can be organized as follows:

• Goal metrics which helps in evaluating the status of individual performance goals and measuring personal success of every staff member.

• Metrics for training qualifying employees’ success with regards to their training programs which they have taken

• Metrics for efficiency which helps in determining whether a worker is showing a desired productivity level with minimized use of resources

• Productivity metrics which help in measuring the amount of work every employee accomplishes within a specific period

An HR Dashboard is considered to be a visual display of HR metrics. It is with the help of HR dashboards that an organization is able to provide the heads-up display into the organization’s workforce.

By using effective reporting approach your employees will be able to monitor the company’s overall progress in achieving the goals, objectives and targets. They will also be able to instantly see the latest trends on the most critical measures for their teams and departments. These types of HR dashboards form an integrated part of a company’s HR analytics solution that monitors and even goes beyond to provide an automatic and interactive way to discover new business and human resources insights.

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