How To Write A Business Plan Proposal

How to Create a Business Plan Proposal

Business plans are an important part of an organization. It is like the blueprint for how a company is going to operate over a period of time. It is also necessary to invest a lot of time in your business plan.

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Usually if your business plan isn’t done properly your company will be operating on a lot of cracks further down its business journey.


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When your business plan is properly written and organized it will motivate potential investors even more to invest in your organization. To create a proper business plan you must include 7 main areas. Below you can see a brief description of each.

Service or product

In this part of the plan you are going to basically give information about your service or product. Talk about what you are selling and how will it impact your customers. Additionally you can even show them the life cycle of the different types of products you are going to offer and how will you differentiate your product from your competitors.

Company description

You are going to give a brief description of your company. Highlight what you do, how will your company gain an advantage in your market for the long term. You can also give them information on the different types of markets you are going to be competing in now and in the future.

Organization and management

Show them how your business is going to be organized and managed on a daily basis. How your different processes are going to function, the different roles and departments etc. Investors will pay attention to this part of your business plan closely. A properly structured business will tend to succeed better on a lot of levels.

Market analysis

This is another important part of your business plan. You have to know what type of market you are going to venture into. You are going to give them an analysis of your market, show them who are your competitors and potential customers.

Marketing and sales

Show them how you are going to market your product or service. How will you create a brand that customers will love? Additionally show them how you will organize your sales strategy to acquire customers and sell your product.

Financial projections

When you are going to get funding from investors your financial projections area is another important section you must spend a lot of time on.

Think critically and show them how you are going to spend their money. Furthermore help to show them how they are going to get their return on investment.

In summary when you are going to propose your business plan to investors or top executives. These are some of the main sections you must include.Make certain that your business plan is also properly organized. You don’t want to make any mistakes especially when presenting it to investors.

It’s going to make you look a bit unprofessional and lazy because on their side they might be thinking that you never really spend enough time to sort out your plan.

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