How To Use Excel Spreadsheet Formulas

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Tips on How to Use Excel Spreadsheet Formulas

Over the years through each release, Excel has practically gotten better. The great thing is that as it keeps on getting better it gets simpler for new comers. The features have also gotten better as well. You can even use the spreadsheet data to create charts and diagrams to help you with visualizing your information.

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Furthermore you can use it to create complex calculations. That can help you with solving problems or analyze data. In Excel you create these calculations through formulas. Formulas will help you to make calculations on your Excel spreadsheet. You can create all types of formulas in Excel it’s all up to your creativity and work at hand.


How to Use Excel Spreadsheet Formulas
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To create formulas in Excel is pretty simple. Some of the simple calculations you can do include addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. You can step it up a little further by taking advantage of functions which is a very powerful built in tool.

To go about doing simple calculations such as addition, subtractions etc. in excel. You have to firstly insert an equal sign followed by the computation. So for example suppose you have 10 in the A1 cell and 20 in A2. To go about adding this up in cell A3 it’s supposed to like this (=A1+A2). You are going to then press enter and see the end result shown in the cell.

The same goes for multiplication, division and subtraction. Just exchange the operation sign with another one and you will get the result for what you are looking for. In Excel if you want to combine the operations to make a complex calculation to which you prefer.

You have to understand that Excel adhere to the standard way of doing mathematical operations. So suppose you’re computing (=10+1*5). The multiplication operation which is 1*5 is going to be dealt with first. Next after that the 10 is going to be added to the end result.

To use functions, you firstly have select on the cell where you want to use the formula. Next click on the formulas tab at the top then click on the insert function section up at the far top left.

You are going to then select the function that you want to use from the options that pop up on the insert function area. You can even search for functions by typing it in a box that’s shown on the insert function dialog.

That says you must type a description of what type of function you are looking for.  After the function is selected, press okay. This is going to then carry you to a function argument dialog box.

Enter your values in the different fields, press okay and you are going to see the end result.
In summary the examples on the different formulas which are shown above can be a good start for you in terms of learning about what a formula is and how to use it in Excel. It can be a really powerful tool if used properly.

This is one of the features that have shown how useful Excel had become for persons all around the world.

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