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Target Lines Excel Chart
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Excel enables you to make charts focused on your particular business preferences by using functions and information which make it distinctive. For example, you can include target lines to your Excel graphs which show targets so that you can view instantly if your info is actually exactly where you expected it will be.

To accomplish this, you have to include an extra data series for your chart and make another line Excel graph inside the current graph.

The target line is most effective when you compare actual values vs target values like a forecast or perhaps an objective. Begin with the Excel template which includes a couple of data columns – for instance, one particular column which is empty within the very first cell after which lists several years, an additional column which reads sales within the top cell after which lists sales which match years within the very first data column.

Put in your column towards the right from the 2 columns that contains your own current graph data when there is not necessarily any empty column presently there. To accomplish this, right click on in a cell within the 2nd column including graph data, choose insert through the drop-down and click on the entire column button and also select ok.

Within the top cell in the recently developed 3rd column, enter target or possibly a different term which recognizes target value.


Target Lines Excel Chart Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis Excel Chart


Inside the target column, type the related target numbers for every row. Using the illustration previously mentioned, you will enter the sales targets for every single year.

Click on the Insert tabs, click on Column from the Charts class, and choose the very first choice. This can develop a bar graph which displays bars for every number.
Inside the graph, right click virtually any bar which signifies target value and choose change series through the drop down selection.

On the Chart Type options click line which is on the left, pick the first alternative inside the chart icons, in addition click ok. This shifts the target values coming from individual bars within the graph into a line, thus offering a visual place of evaluation among actual values vs target values.

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