How To Create A Scorecard In Excel?

How to Create a Scorecard in Excel for Management Reporting

How to create a scorecard in Excel: Creating a scorecard in excel is a very simple task. For those of you who don’t know what excel is well it’s a software developed by Microsoft. It’s mainly based around spreadsheets but it will allow you to do complex calculations, create visual diagrams of the data. You can also use a programming language called visual basic for applications.

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Everyday business managers come to rely on this tool to help manage their daily processes. When you create a scorecard in excel it will help you to keep certain scores in your organization. That can then be evaluated to improve efficiency. Below you can find a tutorial and see how to create a scorecard in Excel for your organization.


How to create a scorecard in excel
Excel Business Scorecard Templates and Examples


If you are new to excel it can be a very complex tool but don’t worry because even a beginner can do this if they follow the tutorial properly. Once you got a hang of this, you will surely catch on to things much easier.


Tutorial on how to create a scorecard in Excel:

Step 1

Create a new Excel file.

Step 2

Click on page layout and choose landscape

Step 3

Highlight all the rows and columns that you are going to use in your scorecard. You can then go on format cells by right clicking and from there manipulate the fonts, alignments etc.


Excel metrics scorecard
Financial Scorecard Example in Excel


Step 4

To create a title for the scorecard, you first got to type in Title within the A1 cell. You don’t have to align anything just leave it at that. Highlight the A1 cells straight up to I1. Next you are going to click on the format cells toolbar by right clicking on the cell.

Click on the merge and center button. If you want to allow your background to be colored you can go on fill and select the color you want. Adding color to your scorecard will give it a nice touch and make it stand out.

Step 5

Next you are going to label the columns and format it. In reality this is a very simple step. Fill each column with a title. In this tutorial the columns are going to be labeled target, objective, measurement, sales. You can then manipulate the look of the cells as stated before by right clicking, go on format cells and change them to your preferences by font, color, alignment etc.

Make certain that your design is consistent it would be great if you design the layout on a piece of paper with all the labels and colors. This would give you a preview of everything then implement it in excel.


Step 6

Lastly you are going to label each rows and format it. It would be great if you could alternate the format of the rows. This will help you when you’re adding in additional rows. Select and highlight all the rows that you are going to use in your scorecard. Go to home and click on conditional formatting.

You can then manipulate the cells to your preferences including changing the colors. As stated before ensure that your designs are consistent, you don’t want an inconsistent looking scorecard.
Creating a scorecard is a useful tool you can create using Excel out of many. Excel can be a very useful if you master it properly. If you follow the steps above you will be creating a great looking scorecard with a flexible interface in no time. This can be a good start as a beginner trying to learn excel.


How to create a scorecard in Excel
Excel Scorecard Templates


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