How To Appreciate Employee For Good Work

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Ways to appreciate your employees for for doing a good job

Employees are an important pillar of any organization. Appreciating and rewarding them for their good work is a must. This will help them to stay motivated and use the rewards as a metric to see how good they are doing in your organization which can help to push them to new heights.

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Imagine a scenario where in an organization, employees are not rewarded. They will just come to work every day, do what they are supposed to do and leave. If you do this in your organization, it’s performing well and employees aren’t leaving after 6-12 months that’s great. In the grand scheme of things, if you should look at the highest performing companies. They show appreciation for their employees and reward them for their good work.


How to appreciate employee for good work

That’s a strategy that should be implemented in most if not all companies. Every day employees are coming to your company willing to work extra hard to ensure it’s a success. When you show that you appreciate their time, energy and effort that they’ve put into your company on a daily basis to keep the ship afloat.  Showing signs of appreciation could give them a huge morale boost.

That could then have a greater impact on your overall company’s performance. It could also help to retain employees for the long term which is a hard thing these days. You don’t have to even start by buying them a BMW if they achieve a milestone. You could start small by praising their work in front of the team. Make that particular individual act as a symbol of how hard and creatively you want the rest of the company to work. This could be a real motivator for others.

Below is a list simple strategies you can use to show employee appreciation:


This is probably one of the most common methods of appreciation. If an employee is performing at such a high level that they’ve out grown their role. Well the natural thing to do is promote them and move them into a more challenging role. This will allow them to bring that same energy and enthusiasm into it and make it a success.

Morale meetings

You can create simple morale meetings which can last for about 15-30 minutes. In order to show appreciation to different employees for their outstanding work. As simple as this technique is, it can show employees that they are being noticed and they must continue work hard to make the organization thrive.

Appreciation letter

This is also one of those simple methods you can use to tell employees how much you appreciate them for their excellent work and the time. That they have put in over the months or years to get the organization at a certain level.  This simple little technique will help you retain employees for years. It’s that powerful, the employees will come to appreciate the time you took as a manager to write it. Instead of just buying them a gift which is pretty easy.

Team building activities

This can be another really effective method, what you can do is if your company hit a certain target. You can create team building activities such as going to trips, state fair, zoo etc. Planning and creating a sport contest where everyone can have fun playing against each other can also be pretty effective. They would tend to have a great time and build their communication skills as well.

Idea or suggestion

If you are in a group meeting and an individual gives a really good idea or suggestion. Thank them for their effort. This will motivate others to be more open to give ideas and encourage more group involvement.



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In summary you have a lot of ways you can show how much you appreciate an employee’s effort. It doesn’t matter how small your appreciation is. Little things add up to big outcomes over a period of time. Business Managers should always ensure that they are rewarding employees for their good work that is benefiting their organization.

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