How To Add Title To Excel Chart

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How to Add or Change the Title to Excel Charts

Adding a title in Excel is quite easy. It’s one of the easiest tasks anyone can do in Excel even if you have never used Excel before. Before you begin adding titles in Excel you have to understand that you can only add two types of titles.

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How to Add Title to Excel Chart
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These are chart titles and axis titles. If you are pretty new to axis titles it is basically titles that can be added on any axis on a chart. When it comes on to pie charts and doughnut charts those charts cannot display titles. You have two main ways of adding titles to Excel charts.

These are by choosing a chart layout that comes with titles or you can just add it manually which comes with a lot of benefits as well. You can see how to use these methods in more detail below.


Choosing a chart layout that comes with titles


This method is very straight forward. You are firstly going to click on the chart. Select the chart option tab. After you have done that you are going to see a lot of tabs such as layout, design, chart tools etc. Next click on the design tab, then click on the charts layouts section.

Now you can choose a layout that has a title.  As you can see that this method is quite easy to follow. If you want to have more freedom with your chart instead of choosing a prebuilt chart with a title the next method is definitely for you.


Manually adding a chart title


You are going to firstly select anywhere on the chart where you want to see the title. The chart options tab is supposed to show up. If not you can go on insert and select chart option. This will allow you see the design, format, layout tabs etc.

Next go to the layout tab, right on the labels group you must click on chart title. Choose (above chart) or (centered overlay title). You will see a text box for the chart title popup on the chart. You are going to type in your title or a text.

If you want to use a line break you can simply do it by clicking a particular area to place the cursor where you want to see the line break and after that press enter.

If you want to simply start a new line you can just do that by pressing enter. It’s always great to change up the format of your text to make it standout. You can do this by clicking on the title area then choose the text you want to format.  Next select the formatting options which you want to see by clicking on the mini toolbar.

In Excel normally you can only add one single title on a chart. But if you want to use a sub-title, it can be done by going on chart tools, choose the layout tab.

Next go on the insert group, click on textbox and now you can draw your text box on the chart. Additionally you can even move it to a specific location where you would want it to be by dragging the title box.

As you can see creating a title for a chart is quite easy in Excel. If you follow the instructions clearly you will be creating one for yourself in no time.

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