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Improve and simplify your healthcare management reporting and analysis with one-page dashboard reports customized for your organization. One-page reporting is proven. It is highly focused and effective. It saves time and money.

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Rated #1 Excel Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs Reports

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Mr. Dashboard reports allow you to continuously track all your healthcare management metrics, info, analysis, trends… on one-page magazine quality report. You can see your report online or you can print only one page and always have the report with you. There is no need for IT investments, analysts, and consultants.

Executing well your strategy and achieving outstanding results can only be done by developing organized healthcare management system. The one-page healthcare management dashboard report gives you the right focus and direction for actions. It transforms your current measurement system into a powerful management system.

Mr. Dashboard can develop effective and customized healthcare management metrics and reports for your organization by using the most effective visualization approach through charts, indicators, and tables. You will always be focused on the relevant issues, problems, and opportunities.

Effective dashboard or scorecard should report all relevant healthcare management metrics. No more switching between different reports and applications and wasting time, now you can see everything you need on one page. Our unique design approach to effective reporting allows unlimited information on a one-page dashboard report. We can incorporate all your current reports and scorecards into one dashboard report and save you time and money.

Every effective healthcare management system involves many variables and drivers and should be effective in identifying and prioritizing potential issues.

Having customized healthcare management dashboard report will help you track KPIs and communicate better with employees and stakeholders.

  • Corporate level metrics, Hospital level metrics, Department level metrics, Physician level metrics, Front-line staff metrics
  • Report cards metrics integration
  • Progress and improvements indicators
  • Individual and team performance trends, benchmarks, and targets
  • Service quality metrics
  • Patient safety metrics
  • Financial metrics
  • Scheduling metrics, Employee hours, HR metrics
  • Purchasing metrics
  • Cost per service type metrics
  • Patient satisfaction index
  • Patient demographics
  • Activity distribution per case type
  • Average payment, Billing, and AR metrics
  • Productivity metrics
  • Volume per type of service (ex: outpatient vs. inpatient care)

Customized quality control metrics per department and activity such as processing orders, inventory levels, shipping, customer service, production

  • Patient category metrics
  • Number of hospitalized patients
  • Number of specialist visits
  • Number of readmissions
  • Number of incidents
  • Number of patient complaints
  • Cancellation rate
  • …plus customized metrics for your organization


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Rated #1 Excel Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs Reports

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