Goals of Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management Goals and Strategies

In the same way people have a very defined life cycle starting when they are born and ending at death – products in addition have a defined product life cycle. With regard to products and services, life cycle includes launch, development, maturity and decrease.

The manufacturer advertising and marketing goals for any product usually rely on exactly what phase in the life cycle the product or service is.


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Goals of Product Life Cycle Management
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Whenever a business presents a brand new product or service on the market, the main goal would be to develop a marketplace for this product or service. Throughout the primary market analysis, the organization pinpoints what it feels would be the appropriate marketplace for that product and also makes use of tools like marketing specific prices to achieve the specified targets.

The organization additionally tries to create brand name awareness and demonstrate the way the product is different from all those provided by rivals within the same group.

Following the effective launch of the product or service, the business after that attempts to expand the market share, that is the percent of product sales in comparison to competition within the exact same class. The business concentrates on even more marketing and distribution initiatives to reach many prospective customers.

Throughout this development stage, prices generally are steady unless of course competition will be able to prevent the actual growth through applying marketing and advertising strategies. When this happens, the organization might be pushed to reduce the price tag.

While demand from customers stages off and also the product ages, the business tries to optimize the profit. Less cash can be used on marketing and advertising because brand name awareness is actually strongly created as well as the product is recognized in the market.

Rather than growing market share, the major goal now within the life cycle would be to sustain market share.

Marketing initiatives are aimed to developing company loyalty through current customers, even though some effort is built to attract customers of competitors’ products and services.

Since revenue starts to diminish, the organization tries to acquire profits so long as likely even though deciding about the ultimate destiny. The business might try to restore the product or service by developing new uses or even reducing prices in order to sustain market share.

When the product or service is becoming outdated as well as organization has created an alternative product or service, it might stop production entirely and terminate current supply.

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