Generate Repeat Business By Using Simple Data Analysis

Past Sales Transactions Talk a Volume on How to Generate Repeat Sales

RFM Sales Analysis

A single sale is step one, however repeat business is more meaningful cash flow. So how could you drive recurring business for the products and/or services?

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The fact is that you have all the details you have to translate a sale into many sales. You need to figure out what to accomplish with this. This is much the concept surrounding Big Data this current year.

It isn’t sufficient to just have this data – rather you should know a way to drive sales from it and leverage this valuable information. We are in midst of shift where Big Data moves over to marketing as VPs of marketing are planning to generating sales from Big Data as fast as feasible.

Know the customer. The essential data is in the transaction. You have names, addresses and certain info about what an individual needs to acquire. That know-how will probably tell their next order any time you evaluate the data.

  • Was the purchasing an exception or is it behavior pattern?
  • Is that first-time purchase or maybe is there a pattern you are not aware of?

Your customers’ communications with your company throughout the website or even face to face, over the telephone and/or via social media offer you data for more information on each.

  • What applications they are utilizing to understand your company?
  • What’s individual customer’s preference for the way she or he buys?

When you already know everything there will be to find out about the customers, you will know a way to engage with all of them.

Social media offers options regarding web involvement through conversations where an unlimited quantity of actual as well as potential customers can take part.

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Connecting with the customers through your feed or page enables these to inform you what they’re thinking and assists you to make use of this information to adjust the product offering and even expand your target marketplace.

It’s a CMO’s vision. Every data point informs you something valuable about the customers’ purchasing routines. Take advantage of customer involvement through social connections and build the data.

Distributing a promotion or another offer via social media informs you if the customers respond and what they respond to. Deliver the appropriate offer to the appropriate person on time.

Customers are likely to acquire something that’s targeted directly to all of them right before they want it. A big event, it appears different to a teenager rather than a senior woman.

After this data strategy implementation you should be able to drive additional sales easily because all your sales and marketing efforts will be targeted and customized to your target market.


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