Financial Plan For Excel: Financial Business Plan

The Financial Business Plan tool for Microsoft Excel gives you all the tools you need to create professional financial business plan, financial statements, financial reports, financial analysis, financial projections, perform break-even analysis for your business, create break-even chart and create automatically all the required financial plan reports, templates and financial statements for your business plan.

No excel skills, no technical skills, no financial skills and no financial experience is required to develop your professional business plan.

The templates in this business plan product are very simple and straightforward – they are fill-in-the-blank templates which will create your financial plan in minutes. You just need to enter your current or projected financial numbers in Excel and you are ready to go – you have already created everything you need for your business plan.

This business plan product is also a perfect management tool for your business because in addition to using this product for creating your business plan you will also use it as a management tool on a daily basis to manage, improve and control your business. It simply summarizes your financial business results and performances so you always understand your business and stay on top of your business.

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In addition this financial business plan tool provides a one-page executive style financial dashboard report for your business plan with a one-page snapshot of your business – created automatically in Excel.

Having an executive professional style report for your business saves you time because you simply review the one-page financial report in a minute and you are able to make the right decisions for your business. This report alone is worth more than the entire price of the product. It will save you time on an ongoing basis.

The Financial Business Plan tool automatically creates your financial business plan. After you enter your data in Excel you are ready to print your financial projections and financial statements, add them to your business plan and use them every day to better run, manage and control your business.

This is a great product for every business, start-up, entrepreneur and business manager. This Financial Business Plan Tool has been used by hundreds of entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses for business plans, financial projections, financial reporting, financial control, financial analysis, etc.

This is also an excellent management tool for business analysis, budgeting, financial planning and financial control.

Financial Business Plan Product Features

  • Income Statement / P&L Statement
  • Actual Cash Flow Statement
  • Actual Balance Sheet Statement
  • Actual Income Statement / Profit and Loss Statement
  • Projections Cash Flow Statement
  • Projections Balance Sheet Statement
  • Projections Break-Even Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis with Automated Business Charts
  • Automated Financial Executive Report (One-Page Executive Report of your Business summarizing your key financials)

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