Financial Dashboard for Excel

Financial dashboard, financial ratio analysis, statements, DuPont (No Excel Skills Required)

  • Financial Dashboard
  • Excellent Print Quality
  • Executive Reporting
  • Easy-to-Use System
  • Financial Ratios Analysis
  • DuPont Analysis
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This product is Microsoft Excel based application for financial analysis, financial reporting, financial statements analysis and financial ratio analysis.

The Financial Dashboard product has the following financial reporting features:

  • Income Statement (P&L Statement) Template
  • Balance Sheet Template
  • Cash Flow Statement Template
  • Financial Dashboard Report
  • Financial Ratios Report
  • DuPont Analysis Dashboard

This is a fully automated financial analysis and reporting system – all the financial report templates will update automatically from your data in the Financial Statements. Once you have your data in the three financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow), your financial reports are ready instantly. As you change your data your reports will change as well instantly.

All the financial ratios and the DuPont analysis are calculated automatically so you don’t need to waste time on various calculations and formulas but instead you can use your time to create your financial reports and instantly analyze your business.

Your financial ratio dashboard already has 36 financial ratios which are used by every organization in every industry. In addition each of your financial ratios includes summary of your ratios (based on your data), chart and indicators showing the performance trend of each of your financial ratios. The Financial Dashboard report template (which is one-page dashboard report summary) analyzes visually the trend of your financial results on 25 charts – this is a one-page scorecard executive type report that gives you a great business insight at a glance on one-page report.

In addition, your DuPont dashboard updates automatically as well based on your financial data and helps you understand the correlation between your ratios.

Financial Dashboard

This product allows you to organize your financial data, statements, ratios and reporting all in one place in a professional, effective and easy way. The well organized financial templates will save you time on an ongoing basis by focusing on your financial analysis and reporting work and not on creating formulas, calculations, charts and reports.

Save time and improve your financial insight with this simple to use and effective financial reporting system.

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