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The Financial Manager product for Microsoft Excel users helps business analysts, consultants, business decision makers and financial professionals better analyze, plan and manage their businesses.

Financial decisions are critical for the success of any business and each and every important business decision is driven by financial logic.Having a continuous organized access to your financial information, being able to forecast financial trends on time, identify issues and opportunities as they arise and develop both short-term and long-term financial plans are essential for business success.

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You should be able to define your financial KPIs, ratios and metrics and have a system in place which will allow you to get the information you need in an easy and simple way. In addition the quality of your financial reporting is important so you don’t waste time with multiple sources of information, files and reports on a continuous basis.

Financial analysis and reporting should be organized, simple, effective and not a time-consuming activity so business professionals can focus on their business and make smart decisions instead of wasting time on organizing their financial KPIs and reports over and over again.

The key responsibilities when it comes to financial reporting and analysis are financial statements analysis, financial reporting, ratios analysis, activity based costing and financial planning. The Financial Manager for Excel provides you with all the tools you need to make better business decisions, save time on an ongoing basis and get organized in a very simple and effective way.

What is included in the Financial Manager Bundle?

This product includes the following financial reporting, planning and analysis products: (1) Financial Dashboard, (2) Financial Business Plan, (3) Activity Based Costing and (4) Accounts Receivable Manager

Follow the links next to each product for more information and details related to each individual product included in the Financial Manager Bundle for Excel:


Excel Templates and Tools for your Financial Reporting: Financial Ratio Analysis, DuPont Analysis, Financial Statements Templates, Financial Analysis…

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The Financial Business Plan for Excel includes all the tools and templates you need to develop a professional financial plan. This product is a great tool for developing traditional business plans, continuous financial planning and managing your financial data and results in one place.

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The ABC (Activity-Based Costing) for Excel product is a fully automated software for conducting ABC analysis with a single click of a button in Microsoft Excel. This ABC tool will allocate and calculate your activity-driven costs based on your business.

Learn more about ABC for Excel here





The AR Manager for Excel product is a tool for better accounts receivables management. This is a simple and effective way to manage and improve your cash flow.

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