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Business Financial Planning Tools for Excel

When developing your business plan, the financial plan is the part that makes all the difference between successful and focused business plan on one hand and poor business plan with unclear expectations on the other hand.

Your financial business plan should create a clear extension and clarification of the other parts of your business plan. For example, creating your financial plan should quantify and convert all your business ideas and assumptions from your marketing plan, sales plan, operational plan as well as the targets and objectives of your overall business plan into specific numbers.

The financial plan uses the three main financial statements to describe the financial dynamics and developments of your business plan. The three main financial statements you have to include in your business plan are the income statement or P&L statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. By using these financial statements you will create your financial forecast and expectations and show how you are going to achieve your business goals.

For example, the income statement will show your revenue or sales, the cost of goods sold (COGS), your business operating expenses and your expected profit based on your financial structure and profit margins. Second, the balance sheet will show the projections of your business assets, liabilities and equity. And third, your cash flow statement will show the flow of cash in and out of your business at anytime explaining the net cash available and the sources of cash flow.

The financial plan part of your business plan is the place where you quantify your business goals – the process of converting your business ideas and plans into numbers and specific details.

The process of creating your financial plan can take a lot of time and frustration without the right tools because instead of focusing on your business plan which is your number one priority many people waste time on developing financial plan outline, charts, templates, statements and projections from scratch which can take many hours of hard work even for experienced business people.

The Financial Business Plan product by Mr Dashboard gives you all the tools you need to create your winning financial plan in as little time as possible. In addition you’ll use this product not only for one-time financial planning but later on for continuously managing and improving your business by tracking and monitoring your financial statements and results in one place with this simple and yet powerful financial system.

This product includes the following ready-to-use financial excel templates:

  • Actual Income Statement (P&L)
  • Actual Cash Flow Statement
  • Actual Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement Projections
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Balance Sheet Projections

In addition to these financial statements templates for your business plan the product also includes the following:

  • Template for your Break-Even and Sensitivity Analysis with Automated Business Charts which will help you better understand and plan your pricing, volume and business operations
  • One-Page Executive-Style Financial Excel Dashboard Report which gives you a clear visual summary and representation of your financials in one place by using professional one-page report for your business

This product will help you develop your financial plan as well as manage your business better on an ongoing basis. You’ll be able to perform financial analysis and have professional financial reporting anytime without wasting any time but instead focusing on managing and growing your business.

Monitoring your financial results should always be the highest priority for your business. The overall outcome of your entire business plan depends on the quality and logic of your financial plan so use this product to do it the right way.

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