Create Excel based and HTML based online Speedometer Dashboards for your business

  • Speedometer Dashboard
  • Online Dashboard
  • Simple Excel Application
  • No Excel Skills Required
  • Instant Download


The Speedometer Dashboard is a simple excel application which can simplify your business analysis by using speedometer style excel dashboard reports. You can use the Speedometer Dashboard to report and monitor your business metrics.

This type of dashboard reporting is effective for comparing and tracking your KPIs in a very simple way in Microsoft Excel. This tool allows you to assign your KPIs and enter or copy your data.

At the same time the application adjusts automatically to your data and customizes based on your input so you can create different views of your excel data quickly by simply using the drop down features.

The dashboard has nine gauges you can use to track and analyze your most important metrics. However you are not limited to one dashboard only – since your dashboard is an excel file you can create as many copies as you need to develop new Speedometer Dashboard reports for your different business requirements.

Now with a purchase of this product you’ll receive additional Speedometer Dashboard version for online reporting – The Speedometer HTML Maker.

Again you can create your online dashboard report by simply using your excel data and clicking a button in excel.

This excel reporting application creates HTML files that can be uploaded online by using any server and you can share your reports with anyone you need. You can also use and share the same dashboard reports offline as well.

The Speedometer Dashboard product now together with the Speedometer HTML Maker gives you the tools you need to create quickly the Speedometer Dashboard customized for your business.

This product is an instant download and you will receive your product download link by email after your purchase so you can download your product and start creating your report in a few minutes.


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