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Learn how to create an exact sales pipeline in Excel. For example, note that all phases of the Excel funnel chart seem like negotiating has a smaller footprint than prospecting.

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However, there are numerous issues with distorting the actual sales pipeline image with these types of charts. In the brand new Better Sales Funnel Excel chart, notice how you will see discrete changes from one sales stage to another. , all phases have a similar value, therefore the funnel chart should be a column, not really an inverted pyramid.

Below you will see that the discovery phase is extremely close, but slightly larger compared to the presentation phase. the ability to easily see the difference in the last graph. In addition, there is a free template download file below.

Now let me demonstrate the best way to easily build on this chart using the systematic and video tutorial below. In order to get our Excel sales funnel chart to set up and look like a funnel or pipeline, we need to add one more data series that will push the sales data to the correct location in the chart. This is okay to start with, but we’ll need a little adjustment in the next step.

So right click on column B and then click Insert. To accomplish this, we need to provide a column for your new data series between our original data. You may have noticed that there is more white space on the right side of the graph than we would like.

This can give a column between column A and B in the worksheet. So we have to set the maximum limit of the horizontal axis to the maximum value and the minimum certainly to zero. Excel always adds extra space than is needed for your axis that contains values.

Remove the title or add text to the title of the chart at your discretion. I changed mine to Sales Pipeline. We need to hide the filler series and press the bars together.

This step creates a map fit. So I would recommend changing the shades of each data point. As you can see in your picture above, the pipeline is actually all one color.

As I mentioned above, you do not need to seal the dialog and you can repeat this task for any data point by double clicking around the data point until only the information point is chosen. the sales stages within the chart have a different color. Since we’ve removed the stages from your vertical axis, we may be able to add them as both data labels and sales value.

We’re getting closer. In the dialog box under the Label options group, select label contains as category name and value with newline because the separator and center because of the label position to include them in the direction of the labels around the chart. Then right-click through the data labels in the Sales series and right-click on some of the labels and select Format Data Labels from your context menu.

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