Easy to use, simple and effective business dashboard reporting with Excel

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Excellent Print Quality
  • Executive Style Reporting
  • Easy-to-Use Templates
  • One-Page Business Insight
  • Instant Download



This Excel Dashboard Basic Version includes ten easy to use professional executive style report templates with excellent print quality giving you one page overview of your business metrics and KPIs. This product is compatible with any version of Microsoft Excel.

By using these excel templates you can easily create your business reports in a few minutes by simply entering your data into the templates or by copying your data from any other file. The benefit of one-page executive style reporting is improved insight into your business, easy, simple and powerful KPI tracking and reporting, customizing the reports with your own metrics and saving a lot of time whenever you need to update your reports or create new reports.

Now, your excel reports are always up to date because they will automatically and instantly update based on your data. Since these reports are actually Excel files you can easily create unlimited copies, versions and types of reports for your business without any limitations.

The single most important benefit which is critical for organizing your business information in one place is that you always have all your metrics and KPIs in one place and you can simply print your latest reports and use them in presentations, meetings, business plans, budgeting and all business related activities where preparing reports takes time on an ongoing basis which is daily for most busy business professionals.

With clear and professional executive style and one-page business scorecard overview of your business performance it is really easy to communicate with your coworkers, clients, vendors, partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

The flexibility of excel reporting allows you to create many versions and copies of your reports, for example you can create as many different reports such as overall business dashboard, sales dashboard, quality dashboard, customer dashboard, marketing dashboard, financial dashboard, HR dashboard… Once you have customized any of the reports with your own KPIs you can update them anytime in less than a minute by entering your latest data. It can’t get any easier for your reporting needs.

Another important benefit of using this product is the ability to easily track your business performance trends. The excel dashboard templates have been set on a 13 months scale so you can easily see your business trend and compare the progress of your business performance over time. This allows you to see your business at a glance and easily identify opportunities for improvement.

As a conclusion, by using this product you can easily track your business performance on one-page professional business dashboard report. This product will help you improve your business analysis, business reporting and business planning without taking any additional time from your busy schedule.

This product is an instant download and you’ll receive your product download link immediately after your purchase by email and you can start creating your reports in a few minutes. Given the effectiveness and simplicity of this product and the easy-to-use templates you can organize your business metrics and KPIs and develop your business reports today.

In addition with the purchase of this product you’ll join our free exclusive customer membership program which includes free lifetime product updates and many ongoing updates on business reporting, business analysis and business improvement best practices, tools, tips and templates which will save you additional time and money and help you improve your business on a continuous basis.

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