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excel dashboard templates sales kpis

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KPI Dashboard Excel Templates for Sales Metrics Tracking

Excel Sales KPI Dashboard templates

Sale KPI Dashboard contains the most important performance metrics of the sales department. Trend diagrams, target realization, forecasts and previous yr comparison.

Sales KPI Dashboard is an important tool for the sales department with measurable indicators within which help achieve business objectives and maintain growth. As you want to present successful results and prove the usefulness of the sales team. General questions: What numbers should I give? Which KPIs should I consider? How do I compare the results to show the current success?

According to KPI dash board logic, you determine the best targets to check specific metrics performance, choose certain intervals to evaluate plus it gives a short summary of the company’s performance. On the other hand, when planning a sale KPI dashboard, the most essential would be to define the best statistics that will vary from department to Department. Because it will be pointless to assess the performance of sales power with performance symptoms from HR department.

Instead of making a sale KPI Dashboard from scratch, we offer a ready-made Excel Templates. However, you can add more KPIs if you prefer. After this step, you enter related values and evaluate the results in well designed dashboard supported by graphs.

It shows the monthly and collective results separately. In addition, you will be able to find the comparison with previous yr figures and business targets. Thanks to this specific sale KPI Dashboard, you will easily follow your critical measurements, make comparisons and stay on track!

This Excel format is ready for use and is available as it is. In case you need customization on your own reports or in need of help more complex templates, please refer to the customized services.

Sales Manager Dashboard Template and Sales Tracking Dashboard Template

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics used to track performance of the business, a department, and individual against goals. Simply put, KPIs help the organization exactly how well they do. Typical KPIs in many organizations would be the amount of sales contacts for each week, as well as the sales budget that specifies what income all revenues are forecast to take over a certain period of time.

This KPI dashboard format for Excel depends on tables that clearly demonstrate the vendors ‘ efficiency while highlighting key KPI. Moreover, thanks to fewer colors and graphs, it is easy to read and compare without losing attention.
excel dashboard templates sales kpis


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