The simplest, most effective and fully automated Excel tool for creating custom professional Excel Dashboards in only 1 minute without having any Excel skills!

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Excel Dashboard Pro: How to Create 100% Customized Excel Dashboard in Only 1 Minute

Watch the quick tutorial and case study video to see how Excel Dashboard Pro allows you to create quick and high quality business reports.

The problem with creating business reports:

Creating effective business report templates is a time consuming process – it involves planning, defining your KPIs and metrics, coming up with ideas on your dashboard design, creating the template including developing appropriate charts, creating effective layout, working on print setup…

Using excel templates:

The excel dashboard templates help you in this process allowing you to just fill in your data in Excel and have your Excel dashboard reports ready and these tools work great. However there are times when you need to create customized dashboards to suit your specific needs and requirements and this is where Excel Dashboard Pro comes in.

What is Excel Dashboard Pro? How is this tool different?

Unlike the traditional approach of using ready-to-use excel report templates, this excel software allows you to easily create your own templates! Based on your unique business needs and preferences now you can create your own professional custom business dashboard in excel without wasting time and bothering with creating any charts or doing any manual work at all.

This cuts your total report development time from hours to only a few minutes. In addition to time savings, the quality of reports you generate are at a professional level and your dashboard is ready for printing without messing with page breaks and page setups all the time – the entire process is fully automated so you can focus on your job and the results while the software takes care of the rest.

After creating hundreds of custom business dashboards over the years from simple reporting templates to advanced reporting applications and software we came up with this idea to develop this different and unique tool for business users to satisfy their needs for creating quick and customized excel dashboard reports.

The benefits of this excel dashboard tool are continuous time saving because whenever you need to create or update your custom dashboard it only takes a few minutes.

In addition you get best in class reporting and save money because unlike other reporting tools you own this tool for only a small one-time investment and you can create as many excel dashboard report templates as you need. There is no learning curve and in the next few minutes you can develop your first professional business reports.

Watch the quick tutorial with a simple case study here illustrating the process of creating effective business reports and see Excel Dashboard Pro in action.

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