Excel Chart with two Y Axis

How to Create Excel Chart with two Y Axis

Creating a chart in Excel are quite easy, even beginners can find that task to be pretty simple. Where a lot of persons get confused is when they’re trying to add another y axis to a chart. For beginners to get excel to do this, is going to take you sometime but it is doable.

For example suppose you want to visualize two sets of data on the same graph which would allow you to compare them. This technique would come into play pretty nicely.


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Excel Chart with two Y Axis
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The easiest solution to fix this is to use a secondary graph. What is a secondary axis? It basically gives you the opportunity to use that same particular x axis along with another two different set of y axis followed by two different set of scales.

You can see how to do this below.


Tutorial on adding a secondary axis to an Excel chart


Step 1


You are going to firstly gather all your data in an Excel spreadsheet. Next you are going to organize it in a way which puts row 1 as your x axis and the two other rows which is 2 and 3 as your y axes.


Step 2


You are now going select all the data you are going to use in your chart. Go on the insert tab, click on the charts section. You are now going to choose the 2d column option by clicking on the small vertical bar chart symbol. You will now see a chart pop up below your information.


Step 3

Next you are going to add your secondary axis.  When your chart popups you are going to see two new tabs at the top. These are going to be design and format. You are going to choose format. On the far left you are going to see a sign (current selection). Next click on the dropdown menu that is marked chart area. Now select what you want your secondary axis to be. After that click the format select option which is usually right below the dropdown.

Next you are going to see a pop up which is going to be at your right that states format data series. Choose the bubble which is going to be next to the secondary axis. From Excel 2007 –2010 If you want to change the display of your secondary axis.

You can go on the layout tab option where you are going to see the axes group, select axes. Go on secondary vertical axis and choose the display option you want. In 2013 you can just go on the Add chart option which is going to be at the far left of the chart tools then design tab where you can add any feature you want.

The tutorial above is a simple technique you can follow on how to create an Excel chart with two y axis. These steps have been broken down as a simple as possible so as a beginner it’s quite easy to follow.

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