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Managing a business can be a challenging task because of the amount of work involved. For instance, executives and corporate managers are responsible for business reporting, financial management, marketing, planning, and quality management to name a few. Performing all these tasks using old school methods often leaves most managers and executives exhausted.

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If you’re a manager or an executive looking for ways to improve and simplify your work with a click of a mouse, then read on to find out more about the Business Optimum Bundle software and templates for business users.

The Business Optimum Bundle is a collection of business management software, templates, dashboards, reports and tools that enable you to access a variety of templates from your computer. The most important tools the software enables you to access include business templates, management templates, management reports, business management tools, business analysis tools, and excel templates for business among others.

Creating business documents or templates from scratch is time-consuming. It may take away precious time that you could have spent on your real work. The Business Optimum Bundle is integrated with business management tools and templates you can use to analyze your KPIs, metrics and data as well as generate reports. This saves you a lot of time on an ongoing basis that you can dedicate to other important aspects of your business.

Moreover, the business optimum bundle Excel templates help you stay organized by providing all the data and information you need in a well organized way. This enables executives and business managers like yourself to analyze business data quickly, get better organized, make decisions based on facts, and run their businesses productively.

The major benefits of using the Business Optimum Bundle templates include:

  • Getting organized
  • Improving the efficiency of your business
  • Saving tons of time
  • Becoming more productive
  • Making smart business decisions

You can start right now with an instant download of the Business Optimum Bundle for your business or organization to reap all these benefits and improve your business performance. The Excel business templates that come with the Business Optimum bundle will definitely give you new ideas and insights on how to improve your business. Furthermore, they will empower you to analyze your business like a pro.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a brief overview of the business solutions and templates that come with this product. You can click the links next to each product to learn more.


The Business Optimum Bundle includes ALL the following business management templates and tools:


Excel Dashboards


  • Business Reporting Bundle: Collection of Excel Dashboards Learn more
Excel Financial Templates


  • Financial Manager Bundle: Collection of Excel Financial Reporting Templates Learn more
Excel Marketing Templates


  • Marketing Manager Bundle: Excel Templates, Charts and Tools for Marketing Learn more
Business Plan Templates


  • Business Plan Bundle: Business Plan Templates with Excel Financials Learn more
Marketing Plan Templates


  • Marketing Plan Template: Plan your marketing strategy Learn more
Excel Financial Statements Templates


  • Financial Statements Templates: Excel Financial Statements Templates Learn more
Excel Inventory Management Templates


  • Inventory Manager Template: Manage and control your inventories Learn more
Marketing Templates


  • Marketing Leverage System: Develop powerful marketing system Learn more
Emloyee Performance Templates


  • Performance Appraisal Tool: Manage employee performance better Learn more
Excel Survey Template


  • HR Survey Dashboard: Create and manage surveys Learn more
Excel ABC Costing Tool


  • Activity Based Costing: Perform instant ABC cost analysis in Excel Learn more

The tools integrated in the Business Optimum Bundle are guaranteed to save you hundreds of dollars because of the efficiency in the performance of executive and managerial functions. In addition, the Excel business management templates will save you precious time from the time you start using them.

Stop wasting money buying business software and business solutions that are difficult to use and don’t address your needs. The Business Optimum Bundle is affordable and you will not incur any extra costs in maintenance and training your staff in new IT skills.

The one-time payment allows you to download and own all the templates without paying any monthly subscription fees. The optimum bundle gives you the right tools you need to analyze your business and create high-quality reports with a touch of button.

Knowing your KPIs and metrics in real-time is one of the amazing benefits of the comprehensive business optimum bundle package. It enables you to access all your data and key indicators in a single place. With latest information and statistics, you can get important insights, trends, developments, and issues and opportunities in your business.

The Business Optimum Bundle package provides high-quality tools, which is evident in the fact that more than 30,000 business executives, professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs have already downloaded this business management package. For example, the customers we have served recently have used the templates for HR management, marketing management, budgeting and strategy planning, and used the financial statements for financial analysis, forecasting and reporting.

The use of business analytics and business dashboards is growing popular among executives and managers. Some corporate managers prefer hiring a developer to create analytic dashboards for their businesses. However, this is not an affordable solution because it will cost you thousands of dollars in addition to uncertainty that comes with it, for example, the time it will take to develop as well as training and the maintenance cost.

The Optimum Bundle is a powerful, yet affordable business analysis and reporting solution that you can start utilizing right away without special training. So, if you’re an executive or a corporate manager start improving your business right now by downloading the Business Optimum Bundle software instantly.

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