"The Largest Collection of Business Management Excel Templates and Tools"

Business Optimum Bundle is the ultimate business management collection that allows you to easily plan, organize, manage, analyze and improve your business.
The products you will always use on a daily basis. Whether you need to analyze your business, plan your business, you need a quick report, create a business plan or perform financial analysis…. this product will save you time and money.

Included: Excel Dashboards & KPI Report Templates

Excel Dashboard Templates for KPI Reporting

Business Reporting Bundle: Excel Dashboard and Interactive Excel Dashboard include magazine-quality business management report templates allowing you to easily and quickly track and manage your business key performance indicators (KPIs).

No Excel skills are required.

Simply enter your data just like in any other Excel spreadsheet and all your reports update instantly.

Included: Financial Dashboard Templates

Financial Excel Templates Dashboard

Financial Statement Dashboard Excel Templates

Perform financial analysis like a pro:

  • Income Statement (P&L Statement) Template
  • Balance Sheet Template
  • Cash Flow Statement Template
  • Financial Dashboard Report
  • Financial Ratios Report
  • DuPont Analysis Dashboard

Included: Financial Business Plan

Financial Business Plan Excel Templates

The Financial Business Plan for Excel includes all the tools and templates you need to develop a professional financial plan.

This product is a great tool for developing traditional business plans, continuous financial planning and managing your financial data and results in one place.

Included: Activity-Based Costing for Excel

Activity Based Costing Excel Software

The ABC (Activity-Based Costing) for Excel product is a fully automated software for performing ABC analysis with a single click of a button in Microsoft Excel.

This ABC tool will allocate and calculate your activity-driven costs based on your own business.

Included: Accounts Receivable Excel Templates

Accounts Receivable Excel Templates

The AR Manager for Excel product is a tool for better accounts receivables management.

This is a simple and effective way to manage and improve your cash flow.

Included: Sales and Marketing Excel Templates

Sales and Marketing Excel Templates
  • BCG Matrix
  • Positioning Analysis Chart
  • Marketing Metrics Excel Dashboard Report
  • Benchmarking
  • Radar Charting
  • Performance Gap Analysis
  • Pareto Analysis and Pareto Charting Tool
  • Ansoff Matrix
  • Trend Chart
  • GE / McKinsey Matrix
  • Sales pipeline/funnel tool
  • RFM Analysis Tool
  • Customer Survey Dashboard
  • Sales Pipeline

Included: RFM for Excel

RFM Excel Templates

Perform RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) Analysis of your Customer Data with a click of a button in Microsoft Excel.

RFM for Excel is fully automated Excel Application which converts your customer data into RFM groups / segments and assigns RFM scores / rank for each of your customers.

Included: BCG Matrix Excel Chart Maker

BCG Matrix Chart in Excel

This Excel Charting Application allows Business and Marketing Managers to create BCG Charts in Microsoft Excel. The BCG Chart is created based on your business data in Excel.

The entire charting process is fully automated and you can generate BCG Charts with a click of a button in Excel.

The BCG Charts are analytical and original Microsoft Excel Charts (not shapes or drawings) so you can get accurate BCG Charts and you can also customize your BCG Charts based on your business needs and preferences.

Included: SCAMPER Idea Generator

SCAMPER Idea Generator Software

Quickly Generate Many Ideas for your Business with SCAMPER.

The SCAMPER Idea Generator tool allows you to generate random SCAMPER question with a click of a button, think about any potential applications of the random ideas to your business and make notes with specific actionable ideas.

The random ideas are generated out of the collection of hundreds of SCAMPER questions included in this software. This is one of the largest resource of SCAMPER questions available.

Included: GE Matrix for Excel

GE Matrix Excel Chart Templates
This Excel Charting Application allows Business and Marketing Managers to create professional GE / McKinsey Matrix Charts in Microsoft Excel.
The entire Excel Charting Process is fully automated and you can generate your GE Matrix Charts with a click of a button in Excel.
The GE/McKinsey Charts are analytical and original Excel Charts (not shapes or drawings) so you can get accurate GE Matrix for your business.

Included: Customer Survey Dashboard

Customer Survey Dashboard Tool Excel Templates

Manage your customer survey data and reports. Customer surveys allow you to identify your clients’ or customers’ needs, expectations and satisfaction level with your business, products and services.

Customer Survey Dashboard is an Excel Application for Analyzing Customer Survey responses and creating professional Customer Survey Reports.

Included: Sales Pipeline Excel Templates

Sales Pipeline Excel Templates

Sales Pipeline for Excel is Easy to Use Excel Application which allows users to create, maintain and manage their Sales Pipeline data and create Sales Reports with a click of a button in Excel.

Based on your data in Excel this product will generate Sales Reports automatically so you can get a better insight into your Sales Force Performance.

By using this tool you can manage your Sales more effectively and have organized sales pipeline reports to make better business decisions.

Included: Marketing Plan Template

Marketing Plan Templates

The Marketing Plan Template can be completely customized and modified based on your needs.

This is actually the only marketing plan template you are going to need to create successful marketing plan. The template consists of all critical marketing strategies you should incorporate to develop an effective marketing plan and system.


Included: Financial Statements Excel Templates

Financial Statements Excel Templates
  • Sales Forecast Template
  • Break-Even Analysis Template
  • Monthly Income Statement Template
  • Quarterly Income Statement Template
  • Annual Income Statement Template
  • Monthly Balance Sheet Template
  • Quarterly Balance Sheet Template
  • Annual Balance Sheet Template
  • Cash Flow Statement Template
  • Advertising Cost Template
  • General Ledger Template

Included: Inventory Management

Inventory Management Excel Templates

Inventory Management Excel Template is a great tool for every manager working with product inventories and tracking items in stock, organizing and planning deliveries and acquiring products, supplies, raw materials, parts and any kind of inventory.

Lower your current cost as well as lost product sales as a result of out of stock items by working with this very easy and incredibly efficient tool and have a crystal clear knowledge of your inventories and order only when you really need them.

Included: Quality Management for Excel

Quality Control Templates Charts SPC Excel

Create high-quality professional and effective SPC Control Charts in Excel with a click of a button without wasting your time and money.

Easily track, monitor and control your processes.

No Excel skills are required. This is fully automated quality management application.

Included: Employee Performance Appraisal

Employee Performance Excel Templates

Professionally organized employee performance data and information. Continuously keeping track of employee performances – employee performance appraisal and employee evaluation reporting based on facts and data collected for employee performances throughout the year.

Instant employee performance evaluation reports – generate reports in a few seconds by clicking a button in Excel.

Included: HR Survey Dashboard

HR Dashboard Excel Templates

Employee Survey Dashboard Tool for Excel designed for developing survey questions, printing your surveys, entering survey responses, and analyzing and printing your survey report automatically.

Used for HR Surveys, Employee Opinion Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys…

Everything you need is automated and organized so you just need to type your questions and your survey is ready for print.

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