Employee Self Assessment Examples Phrases

Top Employee Self Assessment Examples Phrases

You work hard as an employee. You do a great job at what you do, and you know that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the management’s review.

However, there is still the matter of your self-performance review. It is important to know how to evaluate yourself to show your achievements in a non-boasting way.


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Employee self assessment
Employee self assessment examples phrases


Here are several examples to know what to say when evaluating yourself:

All about the Attitude

Let’s start with phrases to describe attitude:
●    I  try to keep an upbeat and positive outlook at work to let others see my passion for my job. I aim to have a smile on my face all throughout my work day.
●    I try to help my coworkers when they are in need of encouragement, showing my excitement in their successes and motivate them to continue working harder.
●    I try to keep calm in every situation at work, whether the situation is good or bad.

This consistency in energy helps to keep others in a good mood as well.

Be Creative & Innovative

We all know how important it is to be creative at work, here are some phrases you might say about yourself:
●    Co-workers often come to me when a problem arises. They say it helps to get a second opinion.
●    I often find myself getting creative to find solutions to problems I face. I try not to rely on the usual methods to solve things. That way I can get a new perspective on things.
●    I try to stay creative no matter the role I am in at work. I challenge the normal day tasks and see where I can make improvements.

It’s All about Communication

Communication is a major part of your job.

Here are some phrases you can use to show off your communication skills:
●    I always keep all team members and management informed of all work progress.
●    I communicate with customers clearly so that I can provide them with the best service available.
●    I document my work process so that all information and findings can easily be seen for others.

How I will improve?

There are areas that will be needed for improvement in anyone. There is no one perfect, so you need to show how you intend to improve.

Here are a few phrases you could use:
●    I plan to work on becoming more innovative over the next year. I want to find activities that will help build my creativity.
●    I want to grow in written skilled communications, as I feel my verbal communication skills are on par.
●    I want to work on helping others by demonstrating that I care for them. At times I can seem competitive and insensitive at times.

You work hard for your company and you deserve the opportunity to show it. Don’t brag too much on yourself and be sure to be honest and it will get you far.

This list of employee self-assessment examples phrases is not the only way to go, but it should help you get an idea on what to say.


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