Employee Performance Review Goals Examples

Top Topics for Employee Performance Review Goals Examples


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Having a well-written performance goals help to give employees direction and help them along.

It can be difficult to find the right things to say for reviews though. So to help you find your words, here are a few phrases that can be used to help you along.


Employee performance review goals
Employee performance review goals examples
Require Punctual Employees:


Being on time is a necessity to have in any employee.

To set a goal for an employee performance review on this, here are some employee review examples:
●    Arrive on time for meetings, in order to show respect toward your co-workers time.
Come to work on time to show a desire to work and showcase your punctuality.


Build Diversity:


A business needs to be diverse, and there are many ways to go about this. Here are some performance review example phrases:
●    Be thankful for a different perspective, experience , and skill level from your co-workers.
●    Try to adapt to unique ways of handling our customers of different backgrounds.


Build Initiative:


You want your associates to build initiative, so they are not just following orders. Otherwise, your employees will come to you after every project instead of finding work to do on their own. Here are some more performance example phrases:
●    Find ways to take on responsibilities that are above your job description that you can do.
●    Seek out and do the work required of you before it is asked of you.




An employee needs to understand how to communicate well with others. If they cannot communicate well with others, then it will affect your business. Here are more example phrases:
●    Think ahead for what your manager may need to know, and aim to provide the information to them.
●    Be sure to keep team members well informed of your actions.


Change in Attitude:


Attitude is important in any business as your employees are the face of your business. Here are some example phrases:
●    Be sure to show the proper body language, tone, and all nonverbal cues so that you show others respect and a proper attitude.
●    Be sure to show the right attitude to customers no matter the situation.


Be Creative:


You need to have a creative mind to be a good employee. Creativity builds up a good reputation. Here are some example phrases:
●    Create relationships with your co-workers in a way that builds new ideas.
●    Keep your mind open for new ideas and concepts.


Boost Your Customer Service:


Customer service is the most important part of your business, you should be sure to set a goal that will represent that. Here are some example phrases:
●    If a customer is unhappy, find out what has caused the problem and learn how to correct it.
●    When something has been handled wrong, go back over the situation and seek a better way to handle it.


Employee performance review database
Employee performance review database tool


Learn to Plan:


Having a skill for planning is a great asset to any company. Planning comes in handy with so many aspects of what you need to do as an employee. Here are some example phrases:
●    Start projects knowing what is required to complete the project.
●    Plan out how you will complete all tasks for your day before beginning.


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