Employee Performance Review Examples Phrases

Examples Employee Performance Review Phrases

Everyone dreads when the time comes to handle employee performance reviews. Not only do the employees dread being called back into the manager’s office, but the managers, they generally dread conducting them as well.

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So in order to help ease the stress of this process,  I would like to provide you with some employee performance review examples. Most people  generally are unhappy with the results of these reviews. That being said there has to be  another way to go about it.   Here are some tips to make this process easier for you and your employees:

Make performance reviews more frequent

Fear of being reviewed comes from the fact that you have so much time between the reviews  giving people a worry of what mistakes they could have made from the last review. There is a  desire for hearing the good or bad news in real time with the rise of technology allowing us to do  so with other things in our lives.

So conduct the employee performance review quarterly or after  big projects. They can simply be a brief sit down talking about how things have been  progressing.

Even CEOs are taking notice, ​ “If you put this new generation in the box of the  performance management we’ve used the last 30 years, you lose them,” Accenture CEO told The Washington Post. “People want to know on an ongoing basis, ‘Am I doing  right? Am I moving in the right direction? Do you think I’m progressing?’ Nobody’s going to wait  for an annual cycle to get that feedback.”

Utilize technology  for better and more reliable performance reviews

There is so much technology available, such as apps that help engage employees. They help to connect managers and employees for daily  tasks and allow feedback to be made easily. These are three examples to help ease the employee review process.  There are many ways to use the new technology available, but this
is a simple method to better your workplace.

Don’t forget incentives

Most people like getting something back when they are doing the right thing. A lot of polls that  have been conducted in the past have shown this in employees, especially related to pay  increases for an incentive.

You could provide bonuses quarterly for employees that have been  doing well as this will give them reason to work even harder for the next quarter.

It also shows  that they are valued and needed as an employee. You do not want your employees feeling  unappreciated. This will not lead to a good return in work.


These are a few quick tips that should help to make you performance reviews go a lot smoother.  With this, you should be able to have a better experience and atmosphere when conducting  these reviews.


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