Employee Evaluation Comments and Phrases

Examples of Employee Evaluation Comments and Phrases

When evaluating an employee’s performance, it is important to use the right phrases and comments to describe exactly what you are trying to get across. There are a lot of times when managers tend to miscommunicate a bit on what exactly they were trying to say and they end up sending the wrong message.


Employee Evaluation Comments and Phrases
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As a result of this an employee can be a bit confused on what they must improve on. So they just continue doing what they were doing from before when they were mediocre.

Below you can see a list of employee evaluation comments and phrases you can use or get inspiration from when writing up one for a particular employee:

  • When they fail to meet expectations
  • Always absent when it’s time to take on hard projects
  • Love to watch by the sidelines while the others doing the hard work
  • Thinks he/she does the most work when the results have shown otherwise
  • Will often tolerate with mediocre performance
  • Not willing to take enough risk like the others
  • Always misunderstand what need to be done
  • Always like to go under the radar then popup when we’re giving credit to the team
  • Meet expectations
  • Always looking for room for improvement in their performance even when he/she have reached the ceiling
  • Can always be relied on when things get tough
  • Take responsibility for their own actions and correct it immediately
  • Always focused on the task at hand
  • Will always be willing to go overtime although that’s not a part of our policy but he/she do it anyway because he/she cares passionately about the organization
  • He/she always performs consistently over a period of time
  • Always open to criticism which he/she have used as an advantage to improve her/his performance
  • Performance is intolerable
  • Love to spread gossip around the organization
  • Has received many complaints from upper management
  • Always look unmotivated to work and take on task in a lazy manner
  • Always try to look for the easy way out
  • Talks too much instead of doing actual work
  • Always finding excuses when goals are not met
  • Being disrespectful to others including the managers
  • Focuses his/her energy on the wrong tasks
  • Exceptional performance
  • Could take over in the CEO role if necessary
  • Have the qualities of a good leader
  • Always organized and have good time management skills
  • Completes work before or on time
  • Have good emotional intelligence skills
  • Knows how to get the most out of their team when it’s necessary
  • Behaves like a motivational coach
  • Can easily point out low priority tasks
  • Is a very good strategist
  • Can communicate information clearly among the team
  • Have good business management skills

All these are just some out of the many comments and phrases you can use when evaluating an employee’s performance in your organization.

You also have many others that you can use. But you can either use these shown above or modify them to your preferences. But the main thing is to ensure that your comment is extremely targeted on what they user is doing wrong. It will prevent a lot of confusion further down.

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