Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Employee engagement survey questions and examples

When we talk about employee engagement it has to deal with the feeling an employee get when working at a certain organization and how committed they are to making sure the organization succeeds.

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Managers should always ensure that they have a system in place that promotes employee engagement; it should be a part of their business culture. When employees are engaged in a company they work much harder and will go the extra mile to make sure your company is heading in the right direction. When they are disengaged from your organization you can actually see it by evaluating their work performances, they are usually pretty unproductive.

The first step in implementing a system of employee engagement in your company’s culture is to listen to your employees. You can do this by doing interviews, conducting focus groups with different set of employees and lastly by issuing out surveys.

Employee engagement survey
Employee engagement survey questions and templates


Out of all those three set types of methods employee engagements surveys are one of the most easiest and common methods business managers use to get to know what their employees are looking for while working at their company. This information can help them make the necessary changes to make employees feel engaged in the organization.

As managers when creating your employee engagement surveys, measuring for satisfaction and engagement is really important. You can see the survey questions below but when you measure firstly for engagement it allows you to get down to an emotional level to get to know how your employees really feel about the company and are they working in harmony with the rest of the team to ensure that the organization succeeds.

Employee engagement survey questions would normally be in the realms of:

Would you recommend your friend to join our company?

Have you grown personally while working here?

How well do you get along with your team?

Questions like these will help you know how employees feel towards your company and if they are engaged enough to contribute and have a significant impact on the company.

Most questions on a survey will measure how satisfied an employee is working at your company. This information will help you know how well their needs are being met so you can make the necessary changes if necessary.

Examples of questions you will give them are:

Are there opportunities for your own advancement in this organization?

How well your supervisor does treats you and your colleagues?

How well does your organization communicate with your employees so your team knows what’s going on?

Questions like these will let you know if your employees are being treated fairly in the organization and how comfortable they are working in the environment.

Below are the different types of survey questions you can use to get to know your employees better and show them that you have been listening to them.

These employee survey questions are broken down into 5 sections:
  • engagement questions
  • job questions
  • team questions
  • company questions
  • satisfaction questions

You can use them if you want to or modify some of them if necessary but these are just to give you scope of what types of questions you are going to ask your employees.

Here are some more examples


Engagement questions
  1. I feel proud to tell my friends where I work
  2. This company motivates me to go above and beyond in my role so I can contribute more to make the organization succeed
  3. I would recommend this company to my family or friends as a great place to work and get personal growth
  4. Do you see yourself working here for more than 3 years?


Job questions
  1. I have the necessary tools and resources I need to get my job done.
  2. Most days, I see positive results because of my work.
  3. I have received the necessary training I need to advance my career into another more important role.
  4. I find my day to day work challenging which helps me to grow
  5. I understand my role at this and what they expect from me


Team questions
  1. My team takes accountability and ownership for results.
  2. I am always treated with respect from my team
  3. My team and I always have productive meetings
  4. The workload is evenly distributed across my team
  5. It is easy to collaborate with other teams within this company


Company questions
  1. I have a lot of confidence and trust in this company’s senior leadership team
  2. This company really cares about its employees
  3. I understand the direction of this company and its vision
  4. The executives and managers communicate and work well with the different areas of the company


Satisfaction questions
  1. How satisfied are you working within this company
  2. What are the necessary things we can do to make this organization better
  3. What do you like best about working for this company


These are just a handful of the most common questions you are going to ask your employees to get their different perspectives on what they think about working at your company. These information when evaluated properly along with your team, can help you know how you can go about changing your organization’s culture to make it more employee engaging. So that employees can feel a sense of pride and are fully motivated to ensure that your organization succeeds.


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