Electronic Records Management Systems

Electronic Records Management Systems And Software Review


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Electronic Records Management Systems Software Lifecycle Process
Electronic Records Management Systems


"Electronic records management system can be described as a computer-based system where documents/files are managed and stored electronically; and in turn be accessed via different computers."


This system uses software tools to capture, process, index, store, retrieve, distribute and dispose of the documents. These documents are usually in the form of spreadsheets, word processing documents, multimedia files, etc.

This system remains one of the most efficient tools that offer a host of advantages as regarding information of organizations around the globe. The means through which documents are utilized are capturing of documents via scanning, bar coding and optical character recognition, maintaining workflow management by the control of an orderly flow of documents, and the distribution of documents across individuals and departments.

The device nowadays has developed into an intelligent system where it had the capability to manage any type of file format. The applications revolve around electronic documents and tools used to collaborate the date with security and auditing capabilities that is very beneficial for any organization.



The processing of any document by the system is embedded in electronic document management software, which also allows documents to be captured and stored in the form of graphical images. The software is designed to run on a personal computer and also a networked computer using the company’s existing network.
It is pertinent to manage records electronically for organizations with many outlets, sub-office or departments in locations to use a single electronic records management system; thus enhancing a cost-effective monitoring and management of the information.

The system allows an instant access to documents, enhances team work as information can be shared among departments and offices, and ensures security to files and records.
With the software, a user can create a document, attach graphics/image and index the document and all attachments and would be accessible by all users having a security clearance simultaneously, irrespective of their geographical location.

It also gives a room for subsequent changes and modifications which would be stored alongside the original document and available instantly for view as a complete file. Employing this electronic document management system totally eradicates misplacement or loss of files as it has in place an effectual online security system.

The external storage of information in place makes disaster recovery easy and the software also controls the users who can access, view and forward any documents.

An electronic document management system is more cost-efficient than paper-based document management. It eliminates costs associated with office space, file cabinets, papers and personnel to maintain the files.



Electronic document management systems can be implemented in organizations that face difficulty in tracking and managing large volumes of documents as a result of their distant geographical locations.

An electronic document management system assists organizations with instant and multiple accesses to information to keep track of all the modifications done by the users to the original documents during its life cycle and also actualize a centralized management of documents and enables better and faster decisions as a result of improved workflow management.


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