Developing Marketing Strategies With BCG Matrix Tool

Use The BCG Matrix Template to Outline Business and Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies with BCG Matrix: The BCG or Strategy Portfolio Model is an approach to examining business growth designed originally by Boston Consulting Group.

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The main driving theory in the BCG group strategy is the fact that expertise in the market share results in lowered costs plus greater profit margins.

BCG Matrix Chart Tool
BCG Matrix Chart in Excel


This specific model utilizes the BCG matrix, a process to categorize businesses depending on their particular chance of earnings and development. The actual model additionally does apply formulas to businesses or products and services in order to determine possible development and revenue.

The BCG matrix categorizes every product or service as being a cash cow, question mark, dog or star.
 Marketing Strategies with BCG Matrix

Cash cows stand for products which create a higher revenue with low cost for the organization, leaving behind lots of cash to place to some other uses.

Star products might yield some earnings however need a lot more investment to keep their own business. They are products and services with potential for being cash cows when the business commits to them properly.

Question marks will not produce profits and demand considerably more investment however have probability of growth. They are products and services to observe, because they may ultimately turn out to be either stars or dogs.

Dog services and products might produce some revenue or loss however they have slow market segments, which is why they are regarded as poor investments compared to other members of the portfolio.

An additional part of the BCG model suggests experience curve which charts the improved profit as the organization increases practical experience and market share using a specific product or service. The BCG model states that every time the business output improves in order that it generates two times as much of a particular product or service, the cost to produce every unit is reduced by 15% or more.

Marketing Strategies with BCG Matrix
Develop BCG Matrix Strategies Based on Product Life Cycle


This reduction is a result of employees raising manufacturing pace because they know more about the practice. This concept depends on sustaining a minimal turnover within the employees with no rise in costs.

When a business splits the products and services in to these types of 4 groups, it may create a marketing strategy to aid the actual cash cows, boost market share with regard to stars, stage out dogs to hold a watch on the question marks.

According to these types of categories, cash generated through the cash cows are allocated to advertising, marketing and manufacturing initiatives for the star products and services to improve the experience curve and even obtain a bigger market share. Marketing and manufacturing cash can also flow towards the question marks to turn the products into stars.

The BCG model examines rivals for all those products and services to find out if the potential to get market share will justify the expenses. Just like with any marketing tool, the BCG matrix is effective in certain circumstances however, not within others. It provides a very important method to evaluate the business products in terms of which products and services to market and which of them to remove, however the experience curve profit boost will not apply at every situation.

This will not take into consideration external aspects for example supply changes that may impact the business manufacturing costs as well as total revenue. Mixing the BCG model along with other marketing tools can provide a wider perspective showing how marketing initiatives for a product or service may impact the business’ total cash flow.


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