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Demographics Definition in Marketing


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It is possible to target a certain market for marketing your products or services. Demographic segmentation is among the strategies to focus on a unique category of customers.

Demographic segmentation is actually market segmentation based on age group, gender, race, income, religion, household size, education as well as ethnicity. Demographics may be segmented in a number of markets to assist a business to concentrate on the customers better. Using this sort of segmentation, a company may rank the needs, desires and requirements of customers.

One of many benefits of demographic segmentation is always the actual information you require will be easily obtainable for your needs. You can take out for example census information to find out who you would like to promote your company product or service to. To illustrate, automotive sectors could promote their particular vehicles to several age ranges, earnings ranges, and also gender.


An additional advantage associated with demographic segmentation can be client retention plus customer loyalty. Whenever a business usually spends time targeting the clients and the desires and demands, clients will certainly usually return again. Consumers may keep coming back or maybe recommend their own family and friends once they had been happy with their own purchase.

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