Customized Executive Dashboard And Business Scorecard Reports

Why do you need a Business Scorecard Dashboard Report?

See your business at a glance…

The single most important benefit of one-page business reporting is the improved business insight for the business decision makers, executives and managers.

The 1-page report design allows you too see everything you need to know at anytime for your business on one page report which means saving time and frustration while improving your capabilities for analysis, reporting and making better business decisions. This type of executive style reporting templates are used by any organizations regardless of the type of business, market or industry. It simply works for every business professional anywhere.

If you are like most business professionals you deal with a lot more information than ever before and your most precious resource is time. An excess amount of information makes decision making very difficult – a lot of data, reports and information from different sources and at the same time managing time is a challenge between meetings, emails, voicemails, travel, memos, calls…

Managing a successful business requires making good informed decisions based on having the the right information at a glance anytime, anywhere.

We have experience and technology to help you create your business scorecard or executive report and we are going to create the most effective business report for your business.

Mr Dashboard provides total solutions from data analysis, scorecard design, report development, managing your business scorecards, and delivering them to you when you need them. You can receive your business report by email, mail or we can host your reports for you online so you can access them anytime you want.

Our unique business reporting technology allows us to design best in the industry executive one-page magazine quality scorecard reports.

MR Dashboard designs, develops and manages Executive Business Scorecards. Executive Business Scorecard is a one-page scorecard report which includes high level corporate / organization wide information from multiple locations, departments, business units, etc. depending on your organization.

We can also design and manage Functional or Local Business Scorecards – a one-page scorecard report which includes information from single business function or discipline such as production, logistics, customer service, sales, finance, quality, etc. Local Business Scorecard is a one-page scorecard report which includes business performances for a single location or region depending on your organization.

We can help you develop the most effective business metrics / KPIs for your business and incorporate your current data / reports into a powerful business scorecard reporting tool.

Benefits of using 1-page reporting for your business:

  • Develop effective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Focus on your KPIs
  • Save time (you receive your business scorecards when you need them)
  • Communicate better (easy to share information)
  • Save money (no additional IT requirements and resources – we manage the entire process)
  • Best in class business scorecard design
  • 100% automated 1-Click solutions developed for business users