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MR Dashboard develops customized excel applications, software, and templates for your business analysis and reporting needs. All our customized products are fully automated so you can perform business analysis and create business reports with a click of a button in Microsoft Excel. By using customized excel applications you can convert your data into relevant information with one click of a button in excel.

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With Mr Dashboard Customized Excel Applications you can manage and convert your data into a visual display of relevant information.

Sample Excel Application Projects:

Sales Performance Dashboard

This is an Interactive Sales Performance Dashboard in Excel. The client needed to analyze sales information such as overall sales, sales per product line, gross margins, net profits, sales mix, etc.

This excel tool allows the client to view information from a different perspectives such as sales per month, gross margins during a year, or product sales per quarter.

The user can easily switch from one view to another with a click of a button and it is very easy to analyze and understand information regarding sales and profits. Before, it took the client a lot of time and multiple reports to monitor, understand, and communicate information. Now it takes only a minute and one tool.

Financial Ratios Application

The client uses a traditional financial analysis approach by using financial ratios which are standardized for their business. However, they found themselves switching from one excel file to another with different information, charts, and tables. It used to take them couple of hours a week to prepare for their weekly meetings.

Our solution was to integrate more than a dozen sources of information into a one-screen simple application in excel which is easily used and shared by everyone in the company. Now, they save a couple of hours a week and use a single tool for analysis and meetings while getting better information.

Marketing Dashboard

The data used for the Marketing Dashboard is multiple sources of primary and secondary information that our client gathers continuously over time through their sales force, partners, industry publications, etc. The challenge was how to incorporate the relevant information into a simple tool that can be effective and easy to use.

Our proposal was accepted by the client immediately and our solution was dynamic excel application that can be customized with a click of a button. The application displays relevant information such as market share, sales, competitors performance, sales by reps, sales by products, etc.


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Rated #1 Excel Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs Reports

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