Top Customer Service Interview Questions

Customer Service Interview Questions To Find The Right Candidate:

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Hiring a customer service agent is a rough process. Someone who works in customer service is the heart of your business and can bring customers in or push them out.

So you need to hire the right person for the job, which means you need the right questions in an interview. When asking these questions, it will help you learn more about who you are hiring. Here are a few key questions you should include in your next interview.

Customer Problems

There are a lot of things you need to know what to do when the situation calls for it. Your customers are everything. Without them, you won’t have much income from your business. Good questions that you might need to ask to know about an employee:

●    A customer is unhappy with the products you sell; how do you handle this?
●    A customer complains that you are too slow and not taking care of their problem, how do you handle this?
●    Describe a time that you turned a customer around from unhappy to satisfied.
●    Describe a time you dealt with an unhappy customer, and couldn’t solve the problem alone.

Let’s Talk About You

Knowing about the person you are hiring is crucial. You need to know who you are letting into your company. This is not something you want to be wrong about.

Here are some customer service interview questions to ask all your potential employees:  

●    Describe your previous work, related to customer service.
●    What do you like about customer service, and what makes you a good employee?
●    What are your weaknesses and strengths relating to this job?
●    Do you work well with others?
●    What is your availability?
●    Will you work overtime?
●    How will you use your skills to assist our company?

Tell Me What You Know

This is a great way to know if your employee is dedicated to your company and how serious they are about the job. Asking them questions about the company’s background and products and services tests the employee and shows what they learned.

Here are some more customer service interview questions to ask your potential employees:  

●    What is your knowledge about our company’s services and products?
●    Tell me what you know about our company’s history.
●    Tell me how you will better this company.
●    What knowledge do you have regarding our systems?
●    What systems have you previously worked with?

Time Management & Work Skills

Having good time management skills as well as essential work skills is an asset to your business. This is a way to assess the skills that are available in your potential new hires.

More important customer service interview questions you can use to ask your potential employees:  

●    If you were given 7 task to complete, and you know that you can only finish 5, how do you handle this?
●    What skills on your resume are you most confident in?
●    How well do you work under pressure?
●    Describe a time you were pressed for time and how you handled it properly.


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