Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample Questions

Top Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample Questions

All companies want to know that their customers are happy. They have those surveys on the back of their receipts that they give you incentives to fill out. Well, as a business, we all want to know what are customers think, and what questions we should ask them to hear what we want to hear.

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The reality is we just need to ask, and be open about what we want to say. Here are some key customer satisfaction survey sample questions.

Customer survey sample questions
Customer satisfaction survey sample questions

Do you use our product/services?

This is an obvious question, but sometimes we beat around the bush on things. This works for any type of company, allowing everyone to ask a simple question. Do you actually use our services? Options for this question should be broad so that your customers can answer honestly.

Did you feel the associates were trained?

This is a crucial question to ask your customers. You need to know what your associates are doing when you are not present. This being said, a manager can not be there for every transaction and every interaction in their daily business interactions. You need input from your customers to know how your associates work on a daily basis. The responses that you may list under this question should be somewhat broad. A few examples would be:

  • Yes, the associate went above and beyond what I needed
  • Yes, the associate helped me solve my need
  • No the associate did not help me
  • No the associate was very rude and did not help

You should also include space for the customer to describe the experience.


Will the customer recommend the products or services to others? That helps to bring to in more customers; you want to have your associates bring about more customers through their attitudes as it saves you the cost of advertising.

Customers are the best advertising that you can get. To ask this question, you need to word it properly. Ask the customer, plainly. Would you recommend our product or services to a friend or family?

Ask the Customer’s Opinion

Talk to your customers. Let them express themselves to you. Leave a open ended question that allows them to speak openly to you about anything that they may want to say about your company.

Ask them what you can do better, and provide them better service. This will allow your customers to speak openly and provide them a chance to speak openly. You see companies stating that their customer’s opinion matters, but now it is time to prove it.

There are many customer satisfaction survey sample questions available. When making your survey, keep it short and sweet, and allow them the chance to speak openly.

That will provide the customer some satisfaction in knowing that you actually care what they have to say and not that you just want another happy customer paper from customer number 5. Be open with your customers, and they will be open with you.


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