Mr Dashboard Chart Maker is an automated Charting Software which allows you to create Charts, Maps and Gauges / Speedometer out of your Excel Data with one click of a button.

By using your Excel Data the MR Dashboard Chart Maker will create visual representation of your data into html pages you can use online or offline. This is a perfect tool for charting analysis, creating maps and speedometers / gauges. The created html files are directly saved in your computer and you can use them for presentations, data analysis, publishing them online or work and exchange the files offline.

From Excel Data to Visual Information Online and Offline

chart maker

The MR Dashboard Chart Maker offers you the following product features: Line Charts, Column Charts, Area Charts, Pie Charts, Gauges / Speedometer Dashboard, Global City Map, USA City Map and Global Country Map.

All you need to do is type your data in Excel and click a button to create the chart you need and the Chart Maker will generate your chart, map or speedometer in a second. You can print the charts, share the charts with others, save them to your computer or share them online – your charts are ready-to-publish online – great for websites, online presentations, sharing information on your intranet, etc.


Sample Reports created with the Chart Maker out of Excel Data:

Chart Maker Global Country Map Chart Maker Gauge Speedometer Chart Maker MapChart Maker Line Chart Chart Maker USA Map Chart Maker Pie ChartChart Maker Column Chart Chart Maker Area Chart


The Chart Maker software communicates with Google Visualization API and visualizes your Excel Data into graphical presentation of visual information. 100% automated charting solution which gives you the best charting. mapping and gauging capabilities with a click of a button from your Microsoft Excel file.

Chart Maker


chart maker

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