Characteristics Of KPIs In Effective KPI Management System

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What are KPIs?


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KPIs stand for metrics aiming for those elements of company overall performance that would be the most essential for present and long term achievement in the business.

KPIs are seldom new to the business. They’ve possibly not already been acknowledged or had been someplace unfamiliar to present management teams.

Characteristics of KPIs

  • Non-financial kpis (not shown in money)
  • Measured often (like every day)
  • Used by executives
  • Knowledge of metrics and steps necessary for all employees
  • Links duty to person or a team
  • Substantial effect on balanced scorecard main perspectives
  • Impacts other overall performance kpis in effective way

When you place dollars sign on metrics, you might have currently converted it in result oriented metric (for example every day sales really are results of actions to make sales).

KPI is much more deeper. This might be the visitors vs connections with key clients who develop the successful business.

KPIs must be supervised every day, or maybe once a week for a few companies. A regular monthly, every quarter, or yearly metric can not be considered a KPI.

Key performance indicators are consequently future oriented kpis instead of past kpis (example – Quantity of crucial client visits organized in the following month or perhaps a checklist by crucial client of day of subsequent organized visit).

Whenever you take a look at most company kpis, they are extremely a lot past indications calculating occasions of the past. Those indications can not be and by no means had been KPIs.

All excellent key performance indicators create a distinction; they have CEO continuous interest, with every day phone calls to follow up with the appropriate workforce.

A KPI must let you know what steps must happen. A KPI is heavy enough in the business that it may be tied even with a single person.

ROI employed has by no means already been a KPI, because it can not be linked to some manager, it is effect of numerous actions underneath many managers.

An excellent KPI can have an impact on the majority of the primary CSFs and in addition several BSC point of view. To put it differently, if the CEO, management, and workforce target the KPI, the business ranks targets in all directions.

KPI Leverage System

An excellent KPI has leverage impact on the business. Advancement in crucial metric will have good effect on numerous other kpis for the business.

For example improving customer satisfaction will improve sales and optimizing business process to reduce delivery time will improve customer satisfaction at the same time.

That’s the power of KPI leverage.

Your KPIs should leverage each other and be in sync and not just be isolated numbers. When they work together that’s when you have aa powerful KPI management system in place.

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