Cash Flow Statement Example Excel Templates

Cash Flow Statements Examples in Excel

Cash flow statement is a necessary part of any financial report. It helps to give stakeholders and executives an inside look on how well the company is receiving cash and how well they are using it to operate their business. To create a cash flow statement Excel is probably one of the easiest and most flexible software to use. You have a lot of other programs you can use. But Excel comes with a lot of benefits which can prove to be pretty useful.

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For example suppose you have entered all the data in the cells, you can convert the data in the spreadsheet into a pie chart, bar graph along with other types of diagrams.


Cash Flow Statement Example Excel Templates
Financial Analysis Excel Templates


This will help in giving you another channel to view and analyze your data through. Below you can follow the guide on how to create a cash flow statement in Excel.  If you are new to Excel don’t worry because this method is pretty simple and you can also get it done in less than ten minutes. If you have experience in Excel or even an expert you can benefit from this as well. It can show you how to layout your cash flow statement.


Cash flow statement In Excel guide


  1. This is going to be a cash flow statement showcasing data in a full year. You are going to have three main columns in a vertical setting. These are going to be operations, investing activities and financing activities.


  1. Under operations you are going to have 6 sub-columns. These include net income, cash from customers, wage expenses, income taxes, general operating expenses and cash flow from operations. In the cash flow from operations column you are going to add up your income and expenses and subtract your expenses from your income to get your value. The same process must also be applied in the cash flow from investing and cash flow from financing column.


  1. Under investing activities column you are going to include sale of investment securities, sale of property equipment, making loans to other entities and cash flow from investing activities.


  1. In financing activities you are going to have cash receipts from issuance of stock, loans to other entities, dividends paid and cash flow from financing.


  1. Next create three other columns these are going to be net increase in cash, cash at beginning of the year and cash at end of the year. Next in your net increase column you must add up your cash flow from financing, cash flow from investing and lastly cash flow from operations to get the final value to insert in the cell.


  1. Lastly add up the two values in your cash at the beginning of the year column and net increase in cash column. The value must then be inserted in the (cash at the end of the year) column to get the final value of your cash flow.

Most of the work is now done and as you can see the steps are pretty simple to execute in order to create a cash flow statement in Excel. If you are beginner and you want to take your expertise to the next level you can find a lot of other tutorials on the internet. You can see an example below.


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