The Greatest Collection of Business Management (HR, Sales, Financial, Reporting, Operations, Marketing, Quality…) Tools, Templates and Software for Business Managers and Executives

Last week we promised and now we are actually going to make it easy for our friends, clients and subscribers. We listened!

We literally included all the tools (every single one), that you said you needed to effectively and successfully improve and grow your business, into one special “Business Optimum” bundle.

Introducing Business Optimum Bundle:

The greatest collection of templates, tools, dashboards, charts, scorecards… that allow you to focus on your business improvement and growth:

  • Allows you to quickly and easily update and customize your business data, dashboards, plans, reports, charts…
  • Saves you time and allows you to easily customize everything you need plus generate your own customized analysis, reports and presentations with a click of a button
  • Get organized, track progress, create professional plans, scorecards and reports and perform business analysis
  • Get a better insight by looking at your business from every possible perspective to identify one opportunity after another
  • Management reporting tools with Excel dashboards, charts and scorecards saves you time daily, they are easy-to-understand visual reports that track your progress, trends and initiatives. Plus, they are excellent communication tools to effectively communicate with your employees and clients.

Plan and Grow Your Business by Focusing on Critical Issues. Just enter your data!

  • Develop strategy that can help you and your business. Track, forecast, improve and grow sales. Monitor metrics and KPIs to optimize your business performance
  • Develop efficient quality business processes by using automated SPC control charts
  • Create financial plan, projections, forecasts, estimates, track financial ratios, create and manage financial statements, monitor financial ratios and metrics
  • Easily create professional 1-page dashboard reports, monitor business KPIs trends, identify strengths and weaknesses and develop improvement plans
  • Balanced scorecard templates help you turn your strategies into action by monitoring multiple groups of metrics and KPIs on a single scorecard. Track your progress and adjust your improvement initiatives
  • Manage a continuous business improvement by having all the tools you need to get a better business insight and analyze, report and manage your business better
  • Cost and profit analysis tools. Take advantage of ABC costing to improve productivity, profitability and business processes
  • Plan and manage your inventories better
  • Easy-to-use and quick-to-customize Excel dashboard templates update instantly to provide you with the best business insight

Used by smart managers and executives who understand what it takes to build successful businesses. Measure progress, focus on what matters to you and your business.

  • Identify and monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Build powerful marketing system that performs on an ongoing basis and grow your business
  • Keep your business processes in control with automated Excel control charts
  • Create surveys in minutes and analyze and print results automatically based on your responses with instant 1-page dashboard report
  • Position yourself and your business for success and most importantly continuously implement and improve your business strategies and tactics
  • Designed for managers (no technical skills required to take advantage of these tools)
  • Best of all, these are templates and tools that you own – so there are no ongoing costs ever – zero!

Here is a list of the tools you are getting (you can visit each of the individual products to get detailed information). Business Optimum Bundle now includes:

Because of the tremendous interest in these tools and having managers typically buy at least three individual products we decided to help our friends, clients and subscribers to save time and money.

This week we are giving you this entire incredible “Business Optimum” collection for a one-time investment of only $299.99. We are sending you instant email with your product download links right after your purchase so you can download them and start using them right now!


Clients taking advantage of our products and services come from each and every industry, market and country around the world. 

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We all agree there are not many alternatives you can get for this investment to really help you and your business on an ongoing basis. Save time and money and take advantage of this special time limited offer right now!


Business Optimum Bundle


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