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How to use business analytics to effectively analyze, evaluate and monitor your business performance. Various ways, templates and tools you can easily apply to your organization and take your business to the next level.


Business Templates

Numerous templates and tutorials on how to better track your organizational performance and assess your KPIs and metrics and compare them with your goals and targets.




Many examples on using Microsoft Excel plus downloads for managers. Applications for sales, financial, marketing, quality management, accounting, hr, cost analysis and more.


Excel Dashboards

Excel dashboard templates and examples for using your Excel dashboard in a more effective way, save time and effort and focus on your business management.



Finance & Accounting

Financial and accounting resources for managers help you improve your financial performance, cost optimization and improve productivity. Financial ratios, metrics and key performance indicators examples, templates and more.



Budget or financial plan is one of the most important document or tool in business planning and strategy development. Various examples of budgeting for management.



Financial Reports

Financial statements, reports, templates, ratios, examples, formulas and tools to improve your current financial reporting and analysis.




Financial report analysis – looking at and analyzing the business financial reports (like the income statement, cash flow or balance sheet) and developing comprehension on the financial position of your business. Make more appropriate decisions by using financial report templates.


KPIs & Metrics

Setting your performance metrics and KPIs to work is actually the way you obtain the return on your efforts in selecting your KPIs and metrics, applying all of them as well as reporting them all. It all starts by picking and developing the most appropriate measures and next identifying the best way to track them. Therefore ensure you get good overall performance improvement simply by taking advantage of the insights in the way you understand plus use your company metrics.



Daily tips, guides and tools you can use to manage your business and team better. The management guidelines involve all areas of management including business analysis, management reporting, hr management, project management, leadership, teamwork and much more updated daily.



HR Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. The responsibilities of a human resource manager fall into three major areas: staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work.


Employee Management

Improve the relationships with your employees, create better employee performance reviews, motivate and inspire your team members and increase employee performance. Employee motivation, collaboration, coaching, training, mentoring, recruitment, organization development and more.


Management Reporting

Management reporting templates, software, applications and tools for more effective, on time, accurate as well as relevant data made to help in the actual performance management of your business. Improve your management reporting by using excel dashboards, balanced scorecards, one-page management reports and more to track and monitor your most important metrics and KPIs.


Performance Management

Performance Management should be focused on building a good shared understanding as to exactly what will be accomplished for the business. It really is with regards to aligning the actual organization goals along with the metrics, abilities, skill requirements, improvement plans and also the delivery of expected and mutually accepted outcomes. The actual focus is normally on development, learning and growth to be able to accomplish the goals and strategy and also to build a high-performance team and employees.


Project Management

Project management resources offer many organized methods, templates and planning tools and guides for project management. Use these project management tools and tips to improve the way you manage your projects from start all the way to finish.


Quality Management

Quality management (QM), quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) templates, tools and guides will help you better oversee and manage most activities and projects required to sustain the ideal degree of quality within your organization. Quality tools include charts, excel templates, statistical process control charts (SPC) and forms to develop a quality management system, policy and plan for quality excellence.


Small Business

Managing a small business requires significant amounts of effort and time. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are in charge for running just about all facets of their business. Small business management, marketing and growth demand the alignment as well as control of numerous activities within the company. It takes a combination of training, know-how and skills to operate successful small business.


Operations & Manufacturing

Operations management and manufacturing category includes resources on developing, managing and controlling the business processes associated with production, manufacturing and improving business operations and activities related to creating value for the business like manufacturing of products and services.


Inventory Management

Inventory management techniques and strategies to help you get the most out of your current inventory system, activities and processes beyond simply inventories within your overall logistics and supply chain processes. Optimizing your inventories demands overall optimization of all operations and processes.



Logistics management is part of the overall supply chain management utilized to satisfy customer needs throughout the organizing, control and execution of the efficient motion and storage associated with materials, products, components, parts, information and resources from the very first source to the final desired destination.



Manufacturing and production management, strategies, tactics and tools for manufacturing managers, supervisors and production plan management. A large collection of systems and techniques employed to manage all manufacturing processes that contribute directly or indirectly into the creation of organizational products.


Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management or SCM category provides information on the management of your movement of products and services throughout your organization as well as beyond – within the system of interrelations with your ongoing partners, vendors and suppliers.



Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing tools, concepts and ideas as well as many practical applications for sales managers and marketing managers. Management of sales and marketing systems and operations. How to better manage and plan your product and service development, customer service, promotions, advertising, and grow your sales. Create marketing and sales plan and track your sales and marketing ROI.



Marketing plan templates, marketing system development, integration of marketing processes into system, tracking ROI on marketing, lead generation tactics and systems, conversion tactics, branding, online marketing and more.



Customer Management

How to better manage the relationships with your customers. Customer relationship management systems, customer retention strategies and tactics, customer segmentation, ideal customer profile, B2B, B2C marketing customer marketing strategies and more.


Customer Service

Customer service resources will help you take a better care of your customers’ requirements by offering and providing beneficial, high-quality customer service and support before, throughout, as well as after the customers’ needs have been met. Effective customer service involves managing numerous activities like customer orders, returns, questions, education, customer loyalty, customization and more.


Marketing Analysis

Marketing research and analysis templates, guides and tips to assist you better understand your marketing performance, customers, campaigns, competitors, marketing strategy analysis and more.



Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy is actually making certain your company message tackles your company customer demands. An excellent marketing strategy must be taken coming from market research plus concentrate on the best product or service mix to get the most profit potential as well as maintain the business growth in both short term and long term.


Product Management

Product management is business function within the organization managing the plan, forecast, manufacturing and marketing of your product or service at all phases in the product or service life cycle. As a result, product managers are accountable for the strategy, plan, and development of a product or service or entire product or service line. This requires cooperating with cross functional teams and would incorporate marketing and advertising, forecasting, and profit commitments.



Sales tactics, tools and strategies to help you put your sales strategy right into action. Deliver your company message to customers in an efficient way through the right channels, promotion, targeting, presentation, positioning, pricing and more.


Sales Management

Sales managers impact and establish sales reps to be able to achieve higher levels of achievements, however sales managers at times turn out to be so busy plus sidetracked they forget about their very own development since they end up trying to make it through the most recent team activity.


Sales Reports

Sales reports are crucial information on each sales activity which is important in your sales process. Sales reports that track the calls made, products and services sold within a specific time period, performance and sales by sales rep and the sales team inform you about everything you need to know in order to grow your sales. Sales reports effectively incorporate information on sales, customers, costs and profit as well as sales trends over time.



Business strategy methods, models, templates, guides and tools. Strategy ia the course of action as well as plan built to accomplish an important or overall goal. It is the skill associated with planning and leading operations and activities applied throughout just about all levels of your business.


Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard is extremely powerful strategic business planning and business management system utilized thoroughly within successful organizations. The balanced scorecard helps you to align company processes and activities and link them all to the business vision and goals. Balanced scorecards in addition allow you to measure and track your progress towards achieving the goals and adjust your strategies and tactics as needed.

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