Break Even Analysis Formula, Example, Calculator and Chart in Excel Template

Total Revenue (TR) which is calculated as number of products sold times unit price

Total Fixed Costs (TFC) generally this number will not change unless the analysis is for a large range / changes in the revenue

Total Variable Cost (TVC) which varies directly with the number of products sold

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The Profit (P) is calculated as total revenue minus total cost:

P = TR –TC


TR = Unit Price x Units Sold


The Break-Even Point shows the number of units the company must sell in order to break even or generate zero profit.

The Break-Even Revenue shows the revenue the company must make in order to break even or generate zero profit.

Free excel download: Break-Even Chart for Microsoft Excel – This excel break-even analysis chart creates chart with +/- 50% of the revenue you specified so you can see how sensitive is your business model and cost structure.

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