Activity Based Costing And GAAP Accounting Rules


ABC or Activity based costing systems are not really compliant along with accepted principles in accounting. Having said that, this does not imply that ABC systems not necessarily helpful. ABC systems offer useful information for business managers, professionals, analysts and decision makers in general throughout the organization.

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But knowing the real similarities among ABC systems as well as GAAP compliant system may assist you choose if the additional cost of maintaining two systems is advantageous for the company.


ABC System
ABC System vs Traditional Cost System


One of main factors ABC is not compliant along with GAAP is the reason that ABC systems don’t designate each of production expenses to the products.

Organization sustaining expenses, such as costs related to manufacturer protection, maintenance and rent, will certainly be charged irrespective of the level of manufacturing. ABC systems perform not designate these types of expenses to products. The considering here is that in case the price does not change dependent upon exactly what is going on within the manufacturer, after that the price isn’t appropriate to management. While this particular makes sense through the management standpoint, this particular is within breach of the GAAP rules.

Activity based costing systems designate some particular non-production costs to services or products, regardless of the fact that this particular process is not permitted under GAAP.



ABC concepts dictate that each of costs which are appropriate to the product need to be integrated within product cost. For instance, if the custom product needs extra phone assistance personnel to take client orders, then this particular cost need to be integrated as component of the actual product or service cost.

Even though this particular isn’t very the production cost, in case the phone staff did not take these types of calls, there might be no service or product orders from customers. Also, if the organization stopped the customized product, some of the customer service workers might be removed.
In comparison along with conventional costing systems, activity based costing systems utilize several cost pools in order to allocate the overhead to the products/services.

The cost pools are actually buckets where expenses are gathered to be designated to specific products. The cost pools will be associated to particular actions which occur within the organization. For instance, the small company might produce much more than one item and need to establish up equipment whenever switching from production one product or even another one.

Overhead costs charged due to switching products might be paid for as component of the job set up cost pool. The difference among this technique and traditional costing systems is actually that conventional costing systems utilize the plant-based or even department rate to spend each of overhead costs as component of one big bucket.

The traditional cost systems as well as ABC systems deal with traceable expenses within the exact same manner. Traceable expenses, these costs that may be very easily and cost-efficiently directly tracked to products, will be directly used to products with the both systems. When it comes to small business, these types of costs are mainly related to raw materials as well as labor cost.



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