6 Ways To Attract The Best Employees

Here are 6 ways to improve your process of attracting and hiring the top candidates:

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1. Writing effective job description

Different job descriptions will attract different candidates. What is your key message in your job posting? Is it the great company culture or flexible schedule or best-in-class organization…?

For example, some people are motivated by great company culture while others are motives by flexible work schedules. You should write your job description based on what type of skills and personalities would be a perfect fit for your company and the specific job opening.

2. Creating effective selection and hiring process

Make sure you are able to select the right candidate for the job opening. What is the key skill, competence, role, personality, experience… for this job? Identifying the key characteristics which will help you in the selection process is very important.

3. Structuring the monetary offer

The total monetary offer as it is perceived by the candidates is key in making decision by people interested in your company. The total offer includes the base salary, benefits, stock options, rewards, bonus, performance based pay, etc.

Think about ways how you can structure and present your offer to the top candidates.

4. Non monetary value

In addition to your monetary offer your overall offer is driven by non monetary value as well. While most employees are motivated by competitive salaries, money is not the single motivator to attract the best candidates for the job. Many studies have concluded that money is not the key driver of high performance and employee satisfaction.

For example, flexible work schedule, vacations, work from home, opportunities for growth, career paths, ongoing education and training are all important motivators for talented candidates.

5. Employee referral program

Give your current employees part in the selection process by giving them the opportunity to recommend potential candidates. Inform your current employees about any job opening and ask them to refer good candidates.

Giving opportunity to your employees to take part into selecting the right candidates and their future team members can be a beneficial approach for your hiring process.

6. Key differentiator

The single most important question: What is my key differentiator? Just like in marketing and promoting any product or service, marketing your job opening in a way to attract the right candidates is critical.

Compared to your competitors and other organizations what is the single thing that makes this job opening really attractive?

For example, if employee benefits are the same and offered by any employer or required by law in your area this means that employee benefit is not a differentiator at all. Be creative and identify your key differentiator at the very beginning in the process and focus your employee attraction based on your key differentiator.


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