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In the pursuit of business success, a diverse portfolio of products and services is paramount – one that encompasses varied growth rates and market shares.

Your portfolio’s vitality is a delicate equilibrium of cash flows. High-growth endeavors demand investment, while their slower counterparts generate surplus cash. Both are indispensable.

BCG Excel chart

Within each circle, product or service value materializes. The BCG Matrix thus unveils your venture’s strengths and weaknesses, spotlighting present profitability and potential cash inflow.

Born from the need to manage cash flows, the BCG Matrix hinges on two key indicators: market share, an emblem of cash growth, and growth rate, a barometer of cash utilization.

Our Excel Charting Application empowers Business and Marketing Managers to craft BCG Charts directly in Microsoft Excel. Transform your business data into insightful BCG Charts seamlessly.

“Experience full automation as you effortlessly generate BCG Charts with a single click within Excel.”

These BCG Charts are not mere sketches; they’re authentic, analytical Microsoft Excel Charts. Expect precision and flexibility as you tailor them to your specific business needs.

A must-have tool for Strategic Analysis, Business Planning, Marketing Strategy… and more. Improve your Business Portfolio and Positioning Analysis without wasting time and money. Turn insight into action with BCG Matrix Excel Chart Creator today.

BCG Matrix

BCG Excel Matrix charting tool

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