Sales by Region Chart in Excel

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Here is yet another example of creating effective sales charts in excel to analyze your sales data, trends, sales metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

This excel chart illustrates how sales data analysis in Excel can be simplified. In this example we use a simple and yet effective excel chart to present sales data from 3 different regions for easy comparison.

This normally would take 3 regular charts. Keep in mind that this same excel template can be used to view your sales data not only by region but also by sales reps, product line, customer segments, various service offerings, etc.

Sales data reporting chart in excel

Download this excel chart excel template and replace the data and metrics with your own metrics. you can easily customize this approach to suit your business reporting needs for your sales reports.

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For situations when you need to report more than 3-5 sales KPIs or metrics use the excel dashboard templates to create effective sales reports in excel.

You can download copy of this sales chart excel template here

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